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Free Software

If you get your needed software for free of cost what should you do? Here I give you some of free Home and Business software name with description. It will surely help you to make your final decision.

Free Accounts & Office Softwarewave free software


is a free online accounting software ideal for small businesses. The wave includes most of the accounting features for the zero cost. If you have more then one busyness it does not make any effects on the wave, because of the wave supports more than one busyness with the multiple numbers of users.

The wave gives you beyond bookkeeping it gives you advance accounting software like feature at free of cost. If your busyness dealing most of the finance work online then this will ideal for your busyness because it will sync your bank account directly.

Google Docs

is the most popular online based word processing service, where you can store, edit, and download your document file. This Google service provides you, online editor, spellchecker, and more for documents and spreadsheets.

If you have your Word Documents, RTF, HTML, OpenOffice, and Text files on your local drive you can sync them to your online Google Docs service. At the future time, you can get back your saved documents as you want Word, PDF or another format. The advance option enables you to view history and you can also roll back to any of there version.

Free Image EditorsGIMP free software


it was originally designed for Linux based or Unix based system, now GIMP available for windows also. The windows version of NT4 or later support GIMP.exe. This software is open source and you can get it free of cost. It looks and feels like Photoshop-esque image editor.

You can easily retouch your photos and compose it as you like to see. This image editing software has all of those basic editing tools.

It has different types of brushes, pencil, airbrush and more for painting, and for a more advanced option, it has gradient editor. The GIMP has also multiple selection tools and foreground extraction tool. It also allows you to crop and scale your image.

Note:- GIMP can load and save animations in a convenient frame-as-layer format.

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Free Internet Security Softwarespybot free software

If you are a regular user of Internet service, you need to keep security software on your pc. The security software cost is little high but thanks to those free security software providers who keep our PC secure with free of cost.

The problem is that those providers do not make you promise, to give you technical support or update regularly. If you need those services you to have to buy a paid subscription. Small busyness and home can live with free security software. So here I shortlist 3 most popular & useful security software for you.


home edition is free for noncommercial pc software. Avast provides antivirus, antispyware, antirootkit, and internet security, for safe & secure pc usage. And if you have busyness then you can check out there busyness or professional edition.

SpyBot Search and Destroy

is known for spyware software this kind of threat can not clear by common security software’s. SpyBot can also help you to keep your privacy stay turn on, it can clean your usage tracks. So if you want to share your computer with another user he or she can not track work history.

Comodo Internet Security

is a free firewall and antivirus program that keeps you safe from outside threats. Comodo provides you with some exciting features like Secure DNS, HopSurf. Comodo able to specify alt URLs system program and virus updates. And you have the options to choose between Comodo firewall and antivirus standalone program or you can install both of them.

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Free Audio Calling Software For Conferencefreeconference free software

If your works need frequently audio conference and if you get it free of cost then it can put a smile on your face.

Free Conference Call

is a website ( based on America, it offers you free conference call via the internet. The basic service is free, and it supports up to 96 people on a conference call with a maximum of 6 hours call time. There no limitation on the number of calls you do. I think it is enough for a free service. If you want more advanced services you can upgrade to there paid service.

Note: Free service allows you a dedicated phone number and access code with the validity of 120 days.



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