Important Freelancing Advice & Tips You Should Know

Here are some important freelancing advice for freelancers, if you follow these you can deal with safe working experience. With these tips, your working experience will more lively, productive, easy and joyful which is most important, not only new freelancers also for existing freelancers. So, if you are a freelancer you should follow these.

List Of Freelancing Advice Tips

A. Do Not Work For Free

Generally, at the beginning of freelance work the new freelancers search for clients to get work and more work, naturally, they do not make a portfolio. Many times new freelancers like to work for free to get work, but they don’t know that popular freelancing advice says never work for free, it undervalues your talent and set an example for future compensation.

  • WHAT TO DO: Its a solution is,  create your own samples and presents your services to a non-profit organization thus, the organization would feel thankful to you and you would also feel happy.

B. Hold A Freelancing Contract

There are so many freelancers who work without a contract. New freelancers until getting clients, the contract is totally meaningless for them, and when they get clients, many times they forget to make contact with the client or do not know this matter or scared to bring up the topic of contract. Though lots of freelancers do not follow this path that does not mean it is right. Keeping a contract is always safe.Freelancing Contract Via Email

  • WHAT TO DO: Communicate through the email even though you have talked over the phone to your client. Via email makes chat and can ask your client if you have missed something. Email also is a good choice to tell the clients what was decided, the payment terms, scope, and agreed rates.

Here, when you and yours client will finalize these all-important things, you just send your client all the analyzed details in an email for a peaceful working experience.

C. Charge What You’re Worth

Most of the time new freelancers do not charge that what they worth. Until the new freelancers spend lots of time on their work, built efficiency and get confidence, they can not find out their calling rates. There is the problem, some clients of the new freelancers fraud them, intently or notintentionally.

  • WHAT TO DO: New freelancers who have no idea about the rates can get a general idea about rate. They can use LinkedIn and Twitter to find other freelancers listed rates. If you unsure about the rate after seeing this you can email and ask them one who doesn’t have them listed, some of them would not replay you because they guard their rates, but many would give you the answer.

On the other hand, Online forums are a good source to get this kind of information. There, if a freelancing forum you can ask about the going rates, you will get help from them.

D. Take A Deposit Always

Before starting work freelancers should take a deposit, yet that policy mainly varies on the business. Generally, for big projects it is essential, freelancers can get big risk if they involved a big amount. So, to solve this matter clients send over at least 20% of the agreed amount.Take A Deposit Always Freelance

  • WHAT TO DO: Do not supply a finished project, every time hold something. That means there are many types of freelancing works, as per your work choose a way to hold something back or put your mark on your work until you receive the full payment.

For example, if you work for a website template/theme project then send them screenshots, if you work for a writing project then after approving the draft, ask them for your payment, and if it is a design project you put your watermark on it.

E. Do Not Make Your Bedroom Your Office

An important suggestion for the new freelancers is don’t make your bedroom your office. I do not tell you to purchase a new desk or table and put it in another place in your house for your work if you don’t have them too. In the beginning, you can put your laptop on your breakfast table or dinner table (if possible) and work easily.

I just want to say you avoid the bed because the bed is not good for your posture it gives the unhealthy work environment, as a result, you can feel lazy, dull and this directly affects your working quality.

  • WHAT TO DO: Always try to avoid your bedroom for work, but if it is not possible then you must follow some important points. For example,Do Not Make Your Bedroom Your Office

1. Take a table to put your laptop if not possible then you can choose your breakfast table for it.

2. Sit up straight when you work.

3. Put a real plant (easy to maintain) on your desk or near any table and keep it clear.

4. If you work by keeping your laptop on a desk then you must try to set it near a window.

5. If you don’t have a window and you set the table in your bedroom then confirm that you set it in a way thus your back faces the bed, not your eyes, I think you understand.


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