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Reschedule Google Calendar

A new feature which has been added to the Google Calendar will give you a more suitable way to suggest a new time for a meeting invite or you can say it asked for rescheduling your meeting. This new feature will be available across G Suite domains and in Microsoft Exchange, however, you can only propose a new time if the event has fewer than 200 guests.Google Calendar

The Engadget reported, in addition to the response of yes, no, or maybe, you will be able to propose a new time if the original time does not suit you.

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The Google One, recently launched by the company, that comes with a new family sharing option and offer more storage. Engadget also reported that similar to iCloud, it allows you to share a plan with up to six family members, each having their own private storage areas.  One-Tap access to experts feature for Google Drive and other services are also included calendar on android tablet and mobile

The big things which you must to know, Google Drive is now available in new revised rates and in new storage plans, for example,

The cost of the 2TB plan is now reduced at USD 10 per month, a new 200GB plan is now available at USD 3 per month.

The other plans which remain the same as they are, the plan starting from 100GB for USD 2 per month and going all the way up to 30TB at USD 300 per month.

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Steps To Reschedule  In Google Calendar

  • Go to the Google Calendar and log in to your account.
  • Goto Settings (gear) and go to “Labs”.
  • Click on the Enable radio button in the Smart Rescheduler and click save button.
  • Now select one event that has more than one participant, and click on find new time in the.
  • Filter the schedule by date and times to find a sweetly time for all, the new time and date will display to all of the participants.
  • Now to finish this process click on the Schedule This, it will update time and date.

Note: Make sure that you enable notification for the guest before do save changes.



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