Make Your Documents Read-only In Google Drive

Now you can share files from your Google Drive with full control or read-only. Personally, Google Drive is private by default, we know that. When that matter comes to sharing some pressures come to the person who shares. The person won’t know with whom he/she sharing a file, the guy edit the file, provide comment, and change the title, or not.

This problem can be solved now every easily. You can share a file as read-only because the external association is not helpful all the time.


Google Drive has provided the freedom to control content to its users. If you are a Google Drive user and want some restrictions on Google Drive files, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, you can easily do that. Now, I am talking about control over the Google Drive file.Google Drive

There is a latest Locking API feature which helps to lock file. When a file locked no one can edit the file, change the title, and can not provide comment into the file, including the owner also, no one means really no one. That locked file only stays as a read-only file.

With the help of Google Script, one can lock a file in Google Drive, because there is not any simple button way to lock a file, still now. The following points are the process of locking a file, and in the part of ‘IMPORTANT NOTE’, you can unlock the file also if you want. So let’s start.

A. Af first, you open Google Drive and then right-click on the file which wants to make a read-only file.

B. Next, click on the Share Link menu and copy the file link to the clipboard.

C. Then, to open a new Google Apps Script project, in the browser type After that,  in the code editor, copy, and paste that section.

D. Put back the FILE URL in the ‘point C’ with the URL of the Drive file, in the last step which you have copied.

E. Thereafter, go to the Run Menu. Next, choose the Run function and then, makeFileReadOnly. You have to accept the permissions and thus it will restrict anyone (including you) to edit the file.

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  1. Again, if you want the before position, that means if you want to unlock the file and edit the file you can do that. That’s way is simple also, that stated in ‘point 2’.
  2. Open Google Drive and then right-click the same file and from the menu Restore and Editing behavior, choose the ‘Unlock file’ option. That’s all, then your that file will be Unlocked by Google Drive.

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