10 Google Maps Tips You Should Know

Google Maps is very essential nowadays in our day to day life, We all know that but did you know? its helpful tips and tricks can make it more beneficial, easy to use, and supportive for you. It’s time to know the tricks and tips of Google Maps, let’s know. Ten important and helpful Google Map tips and tricks are here for you. Just know them from below, we think these will help you so much to explore the google maps. And don’t forget to subscribe and share

List Of Google Maps Tips

List Of Google Maps Tips

Tips No 01 | Google Maps Street View

The Google Map street view is a very good feature to view the surroundings of an area at a 360-degree angle, very fast.

How You Get Street View?Google Map Street View

STEP 1. For dropping a pin tap and hold-on your wished location, and tap on the location name at the bottom to watch options.

STEP 2. Tap on the Street View thumbnail image of the location option and then Street View will open up if you want you can drag to move around in the Street View.

Tips No 02 | Open Yelp Links

Clicking on an address in Yelp will open up in Yelp Maps which is very annoying (if Google Map is your Go-to maps app), but you can solve the problem via Chrome Extension.

How You Get Yelp Links?Yelp to Google Maps Chrome extension

Firstly, install the Yelp to Google Maps Chrome extension. Now when you will click on a Yelp address this will open in Google Maps, automatically.

Tips No 03 | Measure Distance With Google Maps

The Goole Map lets you measure the distance between two points. You can see it in two ways, either see straight line distance of two points or create a full pointtopoint custom route to measure distance.

How You Measure Distance?Measure Distance With Google Map

STEP 1. To drop a pin press and hold on a location, next tap on the Dropped Pin button below to open its options, and thereafter to start the procedure tap on Measure distance.

STEP 2. Then, the crosshair second pointer will show up that you can move by dragging the screen around, on the right you can use the + icon button and add points, create a custom map.

STEP 3. At the bottom left corner, the total distance will be shown on the basis of your preferences (miles or kilometers).

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Tips No 04 | Find Important Stops

Search important stops in your route (like bank, ATMs, gas station, bakeries, restaurants, etc) by Google Maps simple trick.

How You  Get Imp Stop?Find Important Stops With Google Map

STEP 1. Tap on the Search button, in the navigation mode on your route.

STEP 2. Then either you enter your own category in the Search bar or select a category from the given categories.

STEP 3. After selecting the category you would see all the places which come right on your route under that category.

[ If you want, in your route you can tap on the place you want to stop and then tap on the Add stop button to add this seeing as a  stop.]

Tips No 05 | Add Multiple Stops

Google Maps allows you to add multiple places on your trip to make your trip excellent.

How Do You add Multiple Stop?Add Multiple Stops In Google Map

STEP 1. Just search for your first stop and tap on the car icon for creating a route, and tap on the menu at the top-right corner (three vertical dots), before entering the navigation mode and select Add stop from the menu.

STEP 2. Next, tap on the second stop and select the place or location and repeat the process to add many stops you want.

[To drag a stop up and down for manage priorities, tap and hold on a stop.]

Tips No 06 | Add Custom Labels

You can add custom labels (like as your friend’s house, favorite hangout place, etc) to find places easily because these labels will be shown on your maps. Thus you can find them in the search bar.

How You Get Labels In Google Maps?Add Custom Labels In Google Maps

STEP 1. Tap and hold the location to add a pin, and then access the pin menu and tap on the Label button.

STEP 2. Now, enter the name of the label and confirm that. After doing this, you will always see this label whenever you will navigate to the area.

Tips No 07 | Avoid Highways, Tolls, And Ferries

With simple tricks, you can avoid ferries, tolls, highways from your route.

How You Avoid Highways, Tolls, Ferries?Avoid Highways, Tolls, And Ferries In google Maps

STEP 1. Search your destination and tap on the Car icon, then it will able to show you the fastest route to it.

STEP 2. Now, at the top-right corner, tap on the three vertical dots menu and select the Route option.

STEP 3. Finally, check the checkbox next to highways, ferries, and tolls option and tap on Done for re-route.

Tips No 08 | Watch Location History

Google Maps is able to show you the complete record of your movement. Total location history helps you to see the places you have visited (includes the date).

How Do You know Location History in Google Maps?Watch Location History In Google Maps

STEP 1. Select Your timeline by clicking on the main menu.

STEP 2. Your timeline will show you all the places you visited along with handy suggestions (like as frequently visited places or recent places).

STEP 3. At the top-left corner to select a date and see your activity on that specific day, you can click on the Calander option.

Tips No 09 | Zoom With One Hand

With the help of two fingers, users zoom in or zoom out the map. Normally, for this reason, users need two hands. By using a procedure users can do it with one hand very easily.

How Do You doZoom?Zoom With One Hand

Double-tap and hold-on the map, and move the finger down to zoom in and to zoom out, move it up.

Tips No 10 | Download Offline Google Maps

To get location information without an internet connection, you can download a map of a specific area. Mostly almost all of the navigation and information features work offline in this feature such as remote areas, real-time traffic updates, etc.

How You Get Offline Google Maps?Download Offline Maps

STEP 1. Firstly, tap on the blue Download button to start. After that, a square will come up (indicating a total area which will be downloaded), there you can zoom in or zoom out to the exact area which you want to download.

STEP 2. It will show you the download size of the map (below of selected area). Then, just tap on Download and your map will be downloaded very soon. After every 15 days (or earlier) the Google will automatically update the downloaded map.

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