Google’s New Google One Cloud Storage Service Details

Google One Cloud Storage Service Details
Google’s new cloud storage service named, Google One Cloud Storage Service is now considered like as a winner. Google’s new Google One cloud storage service gives us the upgraded price structure, they include unlimited free access to live help for all of Google’s consumer products and services and useful family plan.

Google One isn’t available now. It won’t be coming until later this year.

The new price structure of Google’s new Google One is here, it gives you  a cost comparison between Google One and Google’s current monthly storage options:

Google One Cloud Storage Service

Google One Cloud Storage Service

Comparison Between Current Monthly Cloud Storage Options

STORAGE                                   CURRENT                                GOOGLE ONE

15 GB                                            Free                                             Free

100 GB                                        $1.99/mounth                             $1.99/mounth

200 GB                                        Not Available                              $2.99/mounth

1 TB                                            $9.99/mounth                             Not Available

2 TB                                            $19.99/mounth                           $9.99/mounth

Here’s a description chart that compares the Google One plan between other cloud-storage services:

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Service Comparison Between Other Cloud ServicesGoogle One Cloud Storage Service

SERVICE                                                                                      ONE YEAR COST

Amazon                                                                                       $59.99 for 1tB  / $119 for 2TB

Dropbox                                                                                      $99 for 1 TB

Microsoft                                                                                     $99 for 1 TB

Apple                                                                                          $120 for 2 TB

Google One                                                                               $99 for 2 TB

The Google One Family Plan: It allows five family members to share one paid account, and each member gets their own storage space and can use Google One’s live help feature within the limit of the plan.

The Google One Extra: Through this plan, Google One gives you  Google Play credits and discounts on hotels found through Google Search, though this plan’s specification is not mentioned.

Google One’s Live Help: Live help is very helpful for both newcomers and experienced users so, Google One allows the live help feature to help you. Through the phone, chat, email of all paid accounts you can get Google live  “experts” 24/7.

Google’s Live Chat: When you will search for something then it listened to what you needed,  tried to provide the information and thus it helps you to find it.

Those people who were with paid storage plans will be automatically upgraded to Google One and notified by email over the coming months and for those people who don’t have any paid storage plan, they will not get it up to coming later this year. When you sign on for paid storage you can get Google One very fast, and you can signup to get notified of Google developments and service if the Google One sounds impressed you.


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