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There are so many handy hidden features in an iPhone, if you recognize them your iPhone would more valuable and beneficial for you. We have mentioned five hidden features of an iPhone, know them from below, hopefully, this will help you.

Five Hidden Features Of iPhone


The Mail app can look jumble if you have multiple email accounts. From the list view, you can filter all the mail. In your inbox tap the funnel icon in the bottom-left corner, there you can switch between different accounts or filter by picked out email. It lets you see emails just from VIPs or only with attachments.MAIL FILTERS hidden features of iphone

Through long-pressing, you can get many hidden features and gestures in Mail, like as, if you will long-press the delete button it will bring both delete and archive options, and if you will long-press the compose button it will show all your drafts.


Siri, now comes with many new tricks to help you. If you open a Safari page and bring up Siri and ask remind me about this tomorrow, then it will do it with a link to the page.SIRI iphone

You can ask Siri to take a new note or can ask to add things to a list in the Reminders app. Because Siri works with third-party apps, you are able to call an Uber or send a message to a friend ( using the WhatsApp) by Siri.

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Nowadays, a huge number of apps are near to us to save us from spam callers. These apps let you block spam callers, and also inform the identity of unknown callers. Hiya and Nomorobo are the best options for this purpose in the U.S, and in Asia, and Europe, the Truecaller work best. Truecaller requires your phone email, and your name to verify your identity, Hiya requires access to all your contacts, and Nomorobo requires $2-per-month service.Nomorobo

After installing the Truecaller app, go to Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification, and it will be turned on.


In iOS 10, notifications feature is more updated than before, as a result, if your device supports 3D Touch you can press deeper on a notification on the Lock screen or in the Notification Center. You would get contextual options like accepting a calendar invite,   replying to a message, actionable shortcuts for archiving an email, etc.iMessage app

You will see an amazing preview if the app supports it, and it includes a preview of the email, a map view of the Uber you have ordered or many more other things, and replaying a message is also very easy and that is possible from the notification, without opening the iMessage app.


The Today View Widgets basically used by a few people, so we said this a hidden feature. Now, Today View is only a right swipe away from the Lock Screen and the Home screen. Download these apps,  Widget Calendar, Stacks Currency Converter, World Clock Today Widget, Pcalc Lite, Dark Sky, Launcher Widget and go to the Today View, swipe to the bottom, select Edit, enable all the widget and just organize them in a fine way.

Your Dashboard will look very interesting at any time when you only swipe right from the Lock screen your dashboard will open and then you can check Whether, Calender, or can open the Calculator to solve the difficult sum.

I hope you like this article if you know any other useful hidden features of iPhone please let us know in the comment section. To stay with us do SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE.


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