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Hide Folder And Files In Android

Nowadays mobile phone is a big part of our daily lifestyle, We are using it in every possible way. We store important documents and also store personal files in it. So it is very important to keep the important and personal files to be safe and keep hidden from others.

It’s happened many times with me that my friends & relative ask me to give my phone to him/her for some general work. And I give him/her with some hesitation. That comes from that feeling, if they will see some of the personal media files or not, and if seen it will add shame on my face.Hide Folder And Files In Android

Because in Andriod, your media (Photos, Videos, Audios) documents(Doc, Pdf, Excel, etc) are exposed in many apps like Gallary, Media Player, File Manager & more. So they can easily see my personal or confidential media files. Also, they can easily access my files using the File Manager.

I can start using apps lock but the lock can be opened by a passcode, My friends and family also know the passcode and if they don’t know they will ask me to give the passcode, the problem is I am not able to refuse to give the code. That’s why Apps Locker Won’t be work in this situation.

For this problem, I have two solutions one is no media access granted for my personal folders to any Apps that I installed on my phone and another one is hiding the whole folder/file from others.

How To Disable Media Access

Android has an easy option to bound media access on a folder that carries your personal media files.

.nomedia fileHide Folder And Files In Android .nomedia

On Android, Apps regularly scans for updating media files on your phone. On this process, .nomedia plays an important role. If they found .nomedia file then they skip the media scan from the folder and subfolder. And for this reason, your media on this folder and subfolder won’t be displayed in any apps, it stays hidden to all apps including gallery.Hide Folder And Files In Android

How To Create A .nomedia File

To create you have to download and install an external file manager like most trusted and popular ES File Explorer. After installation is done, run the app and go to your targeted folder.

  • Now into the folder, tap on the three-dots on your right upper corner & select new.
  • Now on the new list tap on File.
  • Now create .nomedia as a name of this file and tap on ok.

Don’t afraid after creating the file it will be hidden you can’t see the file. And your media also hide from all your installed apps.

How To Hide Folder In Andriod 

For additional safety, I would recommend you to hide your folder. Because .nomedia can hide media files from apps but File Manager can easily show those files to your friends and family.

For this problem, you need to hide the folder from Andriod File Manager it will help you to not add shame to your face.

Hide Folder In File Manager

Android File Manager and ES File Explorer have an option to hide folders. Just select the folder that you want to hide, now tap & hold on that folder. You can see options menu open, Tap on “hide”, your selected folder and subfolder now hidden from the file manager.

Hide Folder With (.)

Android has an option to hide folder with (.) dot. eg: .my folder. Now I will explain how to hide folder with dot.

  • Open Es File Explorer.
  • Go to the place where you want to make a hidden folder.
  • Now tap on the three dots placed on the upper right corner of the app.
  • Select New option on the menu.
  • Now select  Folder.
  • It needs a name to type the name followed by (.) dot.
  • Now tap on OK.
  • You create successfully a hidden folder.

After the process completely done you won’t be able to see the folder because you create a hidden folder. To see & modify the hidden folder follow the down below steps.

How To Access Hiden Folder 

  • Open ES File Explorer & go the place where the folder placed.
  • Tap on three line placed on the left top corner.
  • GO to settings from the menu.
  • Now tap on Display Settings.
  • Now you will see Show Hidden Files, check the box on/off for unhide/hide.

Now you able to see all hidden files and folders on file explorer.


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