The History Of Caps Lock Key

A toggle key on the computer keyboard we see, that’s every press reverse its action and basically, the button used to write words in capital letters, declare us that key is the well-known Caps Lock key. On the mechanical keyboard when first the Caps Lock key established it called Shift Lock.caps lock

There is a brief history behind the Cap key, the story of that history is here for, I think you are interested in this, you don’t need to do much, just follow the following and experience the history through the descriptions.

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So, Let’s Start The History Of Caps Lock

  • THE CAPS LOCK EXPLORED IN TYPEWRITER GENERATION VAI TYPEWRITER MANUFACTURER: Before 1870, one was capable to write only capital words through a typewriter, but from 1870 that tradition was changed by a typewriter manufacturer Remington. Writing with upper and lower case letters was made possible by Remington in an economical way.

That time this happened when one place two letters/ symbols, like as, lower case, and upper on each typebar. The Shift key has made to be a way switch between the two symbols, that move the total type of bar gear, physically, a particular portion of the typebar enabled to strike the ribbon for different letter output.

Actually, the Shift key was needed a big amount of mechanical force to use and it could be debilitating to hold it down repeatedly to type in all capitals. That’s why, the Shift Lock was built, which was a latching key that organizes the shifting tools properly.

  • THE NAME ‘SHIFT LOCK’ CHANGED AND CALLED AS ‘CAPS LOCK’: Afterwards, every key’s functions were modified by the Shift Lock, for example, lower to upper case letters, others like numbers also modified into symbols. In addition, some works-stations and computer keyboards were hung on to the ‘Shift Lock’ key, but there were also some others who introduced a new key, that is, ‘Caps Lock’ key. The Cap key’s only work was to change lowercase letters to uppercase, that key was not bothered to affect other keys, just similar to today’s “Caps Lock” key.History Of Caps Lock

The Caps Lock looked to be linked with the 1968 Patent, as per information from an article (from Daniel Colin James). That patent (1968 Patent) applies to the electronic terminal keyboard discovered through Douglas A. Kerr of Bell Labs. In an interview of Douglas A. Kerr (which was taken by Daniel Colin James), Kerr tailed, he invented the “Caps” key because the secretory of his boss was bored by typing strings of characters, for example, “@#$%” instead of numbers when Shift Lock was empowered.

Generally, every time it is not true the patents express real products, according to the latest information, in the LA36 DECwriter II terminal/ teleprinter keyboard the Cap key was actually built as on a commercial product.

  •  THE CAPS LOCK KEY AND PC: In the year near 1970 the home computers were not supporting lowercase letters, like in the Apple II and in the TRS-80 Model 1, and that was the reason that required the Caps Lock key. The IBM terminals were included the Shift Lock key and next later the Caps Lock key. In 1981, IBM made their own personal computer situated the Caps Lock key.

The IBM situated that just to the right space bar, and at the time when IBM converted its keyboard layout to the 101-key Extended Keyboard in 1984, situated the Caps Lock key to the left of A. If we come and watch to DECWriter II and Kerr’s patent, the IBM maintained that and replaced the Caps Lock into the actual original position.

This is also true, peoples speak about a matter, many times they press the Cap key accidentally, and as that’s the result, they got all capital which they really not want at the particular time.



KNOW THE PROCESS OF WRITING IN ALL CAPS WITHOUT HELP OF CAPS LOCK KEY: Typing in all caps /caps but without using Caps Lock is possible if anyhow the cap key is missing or not work appropriately then you can with a simple way solve the issue. The ways are stated for, Microsoft Word, Pages, and Google Docs choose your’s are do:

  1.  GOOGLE DOCS:  At fast, highlight the text you want to change and then, in the menu bar, ‘Format > Text > Capitalization > UPPERCASE’.
  2. PAGES: Firstly, choose the text you wish, and thereafter, select ‘Format >  Font > Capitalization > All Caps’ in the menu bar.
  3. MICROSOFT WORD: You have to select the text which you want to make in all caps and after that press ‘Control + Shift + A’ for Microsoft word. On Mac, you just do ‘Command + Shift + A’.


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