How To Choose Best Smartphone For You

How To Choose Best Smartphone
Already searched for a smartphone to buy and got confused with so many options, settings, and different details? Believe me, you’re not the only one! To make the best choice, you need to think about how you use your smartphone in your day to day, what functions you access the most and what you intend to have the best, more or less how you do when choosing the best mobile plan. The most important is to bet on the cost/benefit, that is, how to find everything you need at the lowest possible price. You may also get more features and reviews of a smartphone on Bloggingranjit

So let’s better explain some things you should know to buy the ideal Cell phone for your day to day life:

Here Are The Steps Of How To Choose Best Smartphone

How To Choose Best Smartphone For You

Which Applications Do I Want To Use In A Smartphone?

Who will buy a smartphone to access social networks and messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, and e-mails? Send Mail can focus on quad-core, quad-core and 1GB RAM models that will work well in such cases. But beware opening applications a little heavier, these devices can be slow.

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So if, in addition to these lighter apps, you also want to download Instagram and streaming movies and series apps, like Netflix, it’s best to choose a smartphone with octa-core processors and 2GB or 3GB RAM, slow or slow.

For those who are going to download medium games or who do many things at the same time, such as switching between YouTube video playback and social networks or message applications, you should bet on slightly more robust smartphones with an  Octa-core processor and RAM. 4GB.

So-called top-of-the-line or advanced models with best-performing eight-core processors and 6GB RAM or higher are indicated for those really heavy tasks such as the most demanding games, image editing applications, and other more complex uses.

How to know if storage space is good? 

Again, think about your routine. Currently, the minimum recommended is a model with 8GB storage, so you can download the most popular applications and save lightweight files, such as photos, which can also be stored on memory cards.

If you want a more comfortable space, the ideal is a smartphone with 16GB storage, which is necessary to save more applications and still have space for a lot of photos and videos light.

The 32GB models, which are quite common storage in the middle smartphone category, usually respond well in most situations, with plenty of space for apps, photos, and even videos in HD or Full HD.

Finally, smartphones with 64GB or higher, which can reach up to a whopping 256GB or 512GB in the most advanced models, are suitable for those who can invest in higher prices but do not want to worry about running out of memory on the phone.

Screen size and setting

As with other configurations, the simpler models have smaller screen size and resolution, which may not be very good for those who spend more time watching a video or prefer a more spacious work area, while the more advanced ones offer large and high screens Image quality.

But some intermediate smartphones, cheaper than the top of the line, have very comfortable screens to navigate with more space and are good alternatives for anyone who wants a cell phone to watch movies and series on Netflix and other streaming video applications.

4G, 3G and Wi-Fi connection

Obviously, the speed of the internet, be the mobile internet of the phones or the Wi-Fi signal, is essential for you to navigate well in the applications, after all, an advanced configuration does not do much good if you do not have a quality signal.

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While some carriers already offer the 4.5G internet, the fastest known connection is the 4G, available all intermediate or advanced smartphones, and even some simpler models. If your service provider offers this service in your city, it is worth investing. These phones can also access 3G networks and Wi-Fi as normal.

You can still find basic cell phones with 3G and Wi-Fi connections, which are usually cheaper and will not have problems accessing websites, applications and social networks, but do not have the same speed of navigation as 4G.

Other important features

So far, we’ve talked about the main points of a smartphone, that is, the ones that define your work speed and navigation. But the features of the handsets can go much further.

So you should also be aware of camera features, whether you want a good phone for photos, or models with built-in Digital TV, if you want to see the TV channels open on your phone and even the extra navigation features that every brand and model usually offers. By weighing the most important features for your day to day and the models that best suit them, you have a better chance of buying a cell phone with good cost/benefit.

I think those tips will help you to choose the best smartphone for you…

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