How To Convert Images & PDF Into Text (online & offline OCR)

How To Convert Images & PDF Into Text OCR

Sometimes you need to edit text in Image or PDF file but Image and PDF format don’t support editing. For this, you have to convert it into text format. You can convert your image and PDF into text online (only 2 MB or less in size) or offline with the help of software.

FREE OCR  is online OCR(optical character recognition) service, you can go there website and upload your file then select Language then click Start, It will take some time for OCR process. After processing done your file will be ready for download.How To Convert Images & PDF Into Text

There are so many sites available on the Internet just Google it like”Image or pdf to Text online converter” you will found 100 of websites.

How To Convert Images & PDF Into Text


If you need to convert huge file then you have to use offline software like Adobe Acrobat OCR or other OCR software.



Here I give some software list, that can be used as OCR software.

Microsoft OneNote 2007How To Convert Images & PDF Into Text

You can be copy text from the image in OneNote2007, there is an option called “Copy Text From Picture

Open your image in OneNote Right Click on the image & select Copy Text From Picture option, your text will go into the clipboard now just paste it into any text editor(word or word pad).

Microsoft Office Document Imaging

If you have TIFF or MDI format Image then this tool can get work.

Go to Microsoft Office – Microsoft Office Tools – Microsoft Office Document Imaging.How To Convert Images & PDF Into Text

Go To File – Open – Select your file,

Click Eye icon (OCR)

Click MS Word icon.

An MS Word File open with your text.


This software can recognize handwriting but only for 14 days after that, you have to get license version.

This software can directly read from your scanner or you can open file (jpg, tiff, BMP) in the software.How To Convert Images & PDF Into Text

Its offer Text selection, Image selection & Text ignore features.

It has In-Built Spell-checker so you can correct converted text using this.


This software has two windows, one for source Image and other for convert text.

This Software supports JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP.How To Convert Images & PDF Into Text

You can adjust brightness, color, contrast and other things in your source image file to a better result.

Its also support Camera filter settings.

After converted final file can be saved in PDF, RTF, HTML, & TEXT option.

The software supports 11 languages.


This software uses Tesseract OCR engine. Tesseract is one of the oldest company, They work with HP Labs in between 1985 to the 1995 year & now they working with Google.

It has two windows one for source image another for text.How To Convert Images & PDF Into Text

Its supports most of the image format.

It can also support scanner for direct image input.

You can adjust basic brightness & contrast in this software for a better result.

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