How To Clean Junk In One Click | WhatsApp Cleaning

How to Clean Junk in one click | WhatsApp Cleaning
In this day’s big numbers of peoples are using Whatsapp, From the morning to night, we are sharing words, emotions, funny messages(audio, video, image) do an audio/video call with love one and also we use WhatsApp for our professional work. For that, Whatsapp used a big Numbers of space on our phone so we need to do the WhatsApp Cleaning process.

How to Del Junk Photos in your WhatsApp

We all have Three Digit number of contract list, A major number of peoples forward there network’s Messages and Attachment Like Photos, Docs, Videos. We can’t block our friends & family members also didn’t tell don’t send.

[Note- we all have more than one group]

So we receiving Every Day : ) Good Morning Message and Good Night Message in Photo & they silently eating out phone’s space every day.

And we also get a big amount of video file like Funny Jocks & many more, the video file eats most of the space in Whatsapp.

If we want to delete a single file in every chat it will take a light year.

Here Two options To Do WhatsApp Cleaning


File Manager

whatsapp cleaning file manager

We can del by using a file manager on Android & Ios.

Go to WhatsApp folder and delete each folder that contains Images & Videos.

[Note- It will delete your good photos and videos to.]

Magic Cleaner For WhatsApp Cleaning

An Andriod App call magic cleaner it can intelligently delete all of your junk photos & videos from WhatsApp

It cleverly scans media folder of WhatsApp & auto detect all junk images & videos (screenshots, memes) after the scan you have to select an option to delete all the detected file one click.


magic cleaner for whatsapp Cleainng

magic cleaner for WhatsApp

Technology, Its work on Image recognition system, that scan and analysis and determine its junk or not but it’s not done by locally you have to connect to the internet cause the work done on there web server, The App upload a small hash of photos and videos and match it against their database and identify.

It usually takes 10-15 Mints for 5 k files I think its a small time compare to light years 😉



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