How To Install Windows On A Mac PC

How To Install Windows On A Mac PC

Many of us wonder can MAC Support windows on their device & if support then how to. Yes! you can install Windows 7 or later version on your Mac PC (Check Here), but make sure that your Mac has an Intel-based processor.

Mac is a Personal Computer that comes with Mac OS, you can easily install Windows OS with the help of Apple’s feature call Boot Camp its comes Built-in.

Installing Windows in Mac PC doesn’t mean you have to delete Mac OS & install Windows in it, It installing in Dual-Boot configuration, that means you can use both Operating system, but one at a time, to switch between them you have to restart your PC. Actually, Its install in separate space on HDD or SSD.

Now think about some issue before you start, To do this you have to Re-partition your Mac’s expansive storage drive, that used for windows system.

To switch between MacOS & Windows OS you have to reboot every time that also painful job.

Boot Camp is used direct hardware to run both operating systems that’s mean it will be a lot more responsive & faster than a virtual machine.

If you need to run some small Windows software, then go for VM software, There you don’t need to reboot to run Windows OS is an application software that runs on your Mac OS and its create a virtual workspace to run whole windows operating system.

Virtual Machine Software


VMware Fusion


Install Windows On A Mac 

For this, you have to need an ISO file of your 64 bit Windows or Ready to boot flash drive with Windows setup.

After all, done, Backup your Mac, no this process does not affect your data but just in case, for safety reason do the backup.

Install Windows On A MacNow time to hit Boot Camp. Open Boot Camp by pressing & holding Command + Spacebar Key, then type Boot Camp & hit Enter.

Now Boot Camp start the installer, click “Continue” to select your ISO file or flash drive, after that, you’ll be asked for select Windows partition space. There you specify how much space you allocate for your windows system and your Mac OS.

When all ready, click “install” that allow Boot Camp to download drivers for this process its calls “Windows support software”.

The installer will partition your disk drive, copy the installer and driver & place to that partition so that, it will run after installation done.

In the time you can keep using your Mac PC, but your Mac will slow down due to the heavy background process.

In this process, Mac will reboot several times and you will see the standard Windows installation.

Now select your partition if asked. – don’t install this to any other partition, it can remove your Mac and if this happens you will lose your MacOS and all data, so make sure you select right partition. After a few times later Windows will finish the installation.Install Windows On A Mac

Now come Window’s 1st startup configuration setup, Set all other things just skip the Internet connectivity settings you can do this after installing all driver. Now Boot Camp will appear, go with the installer and set up your drivers. Now all set your Windows is ready to roll on.

Now come to the boot part, every time you have to select your Mac or Windows Operating system from boot up time. When your PC startup you can see the boot selection option Mac or Windows, by holding Option Key you can select your OS.

By default Mac will be selected for boot but you can select Windows to your default boot from the recovery mode or Boot camp settings.Install Windows On A Mac

Removing Windows From your Mac

At first backup your data from Windows system. Now reboot your PC, Open Boot Camp Assistant now click on Restore Disk to a Single Volume option, it will remove your Windows system and remove the drive partition and make a single drive with expand the MacOS partition.



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