How To Play Customize Audio Message On Windows Startup

Customize Audio Message On  Windows Startup

You notice your Windows play a startup tone (different windows have different windows tone) every time when you Turn On the computer. You can change your windows computer’s Default welcome Tone.

But Today we talk about startup audio message that can be played after windows tone played. Later we post an article about how to change windows startup tone.

You can set the custom audio message to your Daily reminder or set motivational audio message or set other custom messages that you need to listen in on every startup of computer. It can also PRANK other users of your computer (If your windows have more then one user account then you have to do this trick to every user account).

This Trick works with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, WindowsXP, Windows 98.

How To Add Customize Audio Message On Windows Startup

Step 1:

Create VBScript

Create a VBScript with attaching voice message.Customize Audio Message On Windows Startup

Step 2:

Paste The VBScript In To Startup Folder

Now Copy the VBScript file and paste it into the startup folder.Customize Audio Message On Windows Startup

So this is two simple steps that you just have to do, after that, your voice message will be played every time on your windows computer startup.

Now if you don’t know how to create VBScript & how to paste it into Startup folder, Just read down below.

How To Create VBScript With Voice Message.

Open notepad & paste the following code and save as with File Name.vbs & select All Files in save as type.Customize Audio Message On Windows Startup


dim speech
text=”Your Message”
set speech=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
speech.speak text

How To Paste File Into Startup Folder:

You can simply search Startup in the start menu or you can go to run and type shell:startup & hit enter it will bring you startup folder of your windows computer.Customize Audio Message On Windows Startup

NB: To open Run Press & hold WIN key or Start Key  & press R key.

Now every time you can hear the customize audio message on Windows startup



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