How To Recover WiFi Password | Windows & MacOS

Recover WiFi Password in Windows & MacOS

Forget Your Saved WiFi password !!How to Find WiFi Passwords in Windows & MacOS

Sometimes you want to share your WiFi password with a guest or add a new device to your network but unfortunately, you forget your password.

You think that again you have to go to router settings & find the password, But many of you don’t know that your Windows and Mac computer saved the password and you can see from there by following some steps.

 Recover WiFi Password In WindowsHow to Find WiFi Passwords in Windows & MacOS

There are two options to see Wi-Fi password on windows:-

  1. Network Properties Option.

  2. Third-Party tool.

1.  Network Properties Option


Click onHow to Find WiFi Passwords in Windows & MacOS wireless network icon from Lower-Right corner of the taskbar.

Then Right-click on your WiFi’s SSID name and select Properties.

In the security tab check on Show Characters.

Here you see your WiFi password.


3. Using Third-party toolHow to Find WiFi Passwords in Windows & MacOS

A lot of software available as a third party tool which is the more convenient method. The software will show all details in a single screen and no extra effort will be needed.

Here are some software name “Wireless Key View“, “WiFi Password Revealer” and “Wi-Fi Password Recovery“.

Install any of the software and launch the application, you can see the details of  WiFi.You also can save the data to a doc file on your PC.

MAC OS Recover WiFi passwordHow to Find WiFi Passwords in Windows & MacOS

In MAC OS you can find the password in the easiest way, Only you need to log in Administrator Account.

How to Recover WiFi password on Mac Os:

Open “Keychain App” in Utilities folder > Select System from the left panel > Select Passwords in Category.

Here you can see all of your saved WiFi’s SSID

Double-Click on that network which you want to know.

It will open up a window, where one option is available namely Show Password option. Check that option and you can see the password.How to Find WiFi Passwords in Windows & MacOS

Above Options are not the only option for password recovery But is the easiest option in my view. If you know any other easy options for this please let us know in the comments section. 

How To Recover WiFi Password On Android & IOS Mobile Device.

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