How To Repeat The Last Action In MS Word Excel.

Repeat The Last Action In MS Word Excel

In Microsoft Office 2000 & above the user can repeat the last used action using F4 Key.

Like: If you changed a font, color or any other thing of a selected text and you want to do the same last action to another portion of text just select another test and press F4. It will do the same the action of your last changes to the text.

Repeat The Last Action In MS Word Excel

BONUS TIPS MS Word & Excel

If you want to Undo what you do Press CTRL+Z In Apple pc CMD+Z, many programs support multiple undo that means you can undo multiple times by pressing CTRL+Z multiple times. (12 times mostly)

If you want to redo what you undo press CTRL+Y In Apple pc CMD+Y, its also support multiple redos.

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