How To Search By Image (Reverse image search)

What Is Reverse image search
Many of us don’t know that you can upload an image on the Internet & get similar types of an image as a result. This is called Reverse Image SearchIts help you to discover visually similar images all around the Internet.

The Reverse Image Search On The Desktop

To search go to on your desktop computer, or go to the right side of, there you can see image option click here. now you are in google image search site. here you can search images or you can search by image.

Reverse image search

Now go to Camera Icon  you will find this on the right side of the search bar. Upload your image from your PC or paste URL of any online image, you can also drag your image here.

Use Reverse Image Search On Mobile

Mobile device and tablets are not supported by this Search type. You can not found Camera icon in so you can not upload your image into google. But there is an option in iOS & Android, Google Chrome browser support reverse-image for this you have to hold your finger touch until a menu appears to pick “Search Google For This Image” at the bottom. One thing this will only work in Google Chrome not other browsers even not work in Google App.

Tips: You can use the request desktop site on your mobile browser.

Not only google support it, but there is also more option found on the internet. Reverse image searchBing also supports go to also a good site for this they use google for image search.

Veracity is an app for iOS it does the same job. They say it will find the source on the internet even its change or delete.

Search By Image this app free for android device, you can upload an image and search from the App on mobile.

Reverse This App free for iOS this app has also a pro version you can use pro version for $3.99. This app use directly google’s a database.


Here a bonus site for Reverse Image Search


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