How To Select Right Computer ( Computer Buying Tips )

Computer Buying Tips

Buying A right desktop computer for your home or busyness is not that big decision nowadays, you can search on the web to get different options or you can go to your nearest store and talk to store guy and make the right decision. But it can be confusing also. For this, you have to keep in mind several things. Here we listed some helpful suggestions that can help you to make your final decision. 

Computer Buying Tips


First of all, you have to think what is the purpose of your buying computer, what type of work you do in this because this will help you to select right hardware configuration for your computer.

Example: If you will do just office work, then you can use on an average hardware configuration. If you will do some multimedia work or play hi-end Game then you have to buy hi-end hardware configuration with external video card & hi-end Display.


Select your Computer type by based on your work purpose, If your work in a single permanent place then goes for Desktop, It will be cost effective. If you have to work outdoor then go for Laptop, If you have to work in a permanent place but computer look is a matter then go for All in One Pc.

Mac or Windows

This is very heated discretion on the internet, we will tell you in a simple way.

  • Windows have more security issues than Mac.
  • Both have clean & fast OS & both get time to time latest update.
  • Mac has less number of Application Software then Windows.
  • Built Quality is much more high on Mac.
  • You can have more customization option in windows than Mac.
  • Normally Mac has faster boot time then windows but if you use SSD then PC win.
  • Its advantage of Mac, because of Apple sole manufacturer they create one set of drivers, but now all drivers are PLUG-AND-PLAY in windows, in this segment both have no problem with drivers.
  • Time by time Game company’s are shown there support for Mac but there is a huge majority in Windows.
  • Mac is more Expensive then Pc.
  • Repair is easier in Windows.
NOTE: You can Windows on a Mac.

Computer Buying Tips For Old Computer

Computer Buying Tips

New Or Old

If you want to save some money and not worrying about maintains then buy old and if you want to save some money but worrying about maintains then buy refurbished or if you have enough money to buy new Pc then go for it because of its best option among them.


No one has a perfect history, if you chose any brand then chose from your loved one or every brand gives additional accessories so chose that brand who gives your needed accessories. Verify which brand’s service good in your area & who gives more product warranty.


For Assembled PC use top brand hardware doesn’t go for a cheap brand it will cost you more in near future, verify your configuration and hardware brand on Internet, watch some review video before buying & last verify your hardware after assemble. Its lesser cost than a branded computer and also you can make it more powerful by customizing.



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