Mspy How To Spy on your Kids’ Mobile Phone

Mspy Or Mobile Spy On Kids’ Mobile Phone

Today’s fast-growing life is impossible without having a Smart Phone even a kid’s life is not fulfilled without it. But there is always a risk from internet & harmful app. You can’t keep away your kids from this but there is few Mobile Spy (mspy) App which is also available in the market which will help you to control their activity.

You have to download the Parental App and set up in your kid’s smartphone which will help you to monitor his/her online activity.

The mspy app will allow you to look after their actions and allow you to restrict online sites (harmful), monitor their text and call logs, Apps download logs, Device’s location, mobile usage time etc.

Here we select some of best (Mspy) Parental Control App for you

Number One Mobile Spy App

Norton Family Parental ControlMspy Mobile spy

Norton is a well-known security company. The app will allow you to see what kind of website your kid visit.

You can block the unwanted website from the pornographic site. The app will allow you to set up your email for an email notification so that whenever your kid attempts to get access to the unwanted site or unwanted app the Norton App will notify you.

If you can spend more money then it will upgrade to a premium version which will let you view logs in a text, Monitor the apps downloaded by your kid and you can also block selected apps.

Number Two Mobile Spy App

Kids Zone Parental ControlMspy Mobile spy

The unique feature of this app to set time limit. There is a mode call CHORE which will let you set the time limit that determines when your kid use the smartphone.

This app has some cool features like Relocking, Blocking phone calls & text messages, block Internet access, Block apps installation, and others.

Number Three Mobile Spy App

Kids Place – Parental ControlMspy Mobile spy

After installing this app your kid can only install showcasing approved app. You can control apps downloading/ buying and also set the time limit.

This app will allow you to set a PIN for the fast time when you set it up. It will also block incoming calls & messages and disable all wireless signals.

Number Four Mobile Spy App

Secure Teen Parental ControlMspy Mobile spy

The teen can filter most of the adult content from the internet. It will block unwanted app denied access selected install app. You can manage the kid’s phone remotely.

You have access to see what activity your kid doing online, what he/she downloads and also where (Location) it is downloaded.


Number Five Mobile Spy App

Parental Control  BoardMspy Mobile spy

Control Board can manage access to all Apps which is installed on your kid’s smartphone. It will monitor by the Control Board. You will also restrict some of the apps like Facebook, Google Play or Other system app or the third-party app.

You can get the location of your kid’s mobile phone at any time & see all the calls & message logs. You can set outgoing blacklist as well as for incoming number.

Here are the bonus tips for you.

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