How To Test Hard Disk Drive Performance (Windows)

How To Test Hard Disk Drive Performance (Windows)

The hard Disk drive is most important part of a computer because it stores our most important data memory also.

Every Computer user needs to check their HDD or SSD performance frequently so that you can get an idea of your storage device’s life.That idea will help you to backup your important data to somewhere else, Like other new HDD/SSD or cloud drive.

Here we know how to check & scan your hard driveHow To Test Hard Disk Drive Performance (Windows)

The first thing to do is to fast close all running program ( if you go to in safe mode is better ) like files and folder, web browser, application program etc.

Go to File Explorer or My Computer

Right click on C: drive (If you have more the one drive you have select one after one )

go to Properties

go to Tools tab

click on Check Now In the heading of Error-checking.

Now it will bring a new window call Check Disk system (c:) tick on both option and click on start.How To Test Hard Disk Drive Performance (Windows)

This process will take some time that depends on your computer, after finishing you can see your Drive’s status.

How to scan disk on Command Prompt

This is call SFC(System File Checker) / SCANNOW.How To Test Hard Disk Drive Performance (Windows)

Go to Start search for CMD

Right click on cmd.exe

now click on Run As Administrator it will bring a user access control prompt click on yes.

Type sfc/scannow in the command line of cmd and hit Enter.

After hitting Scan start.

it will take some time do not close until scan end.

If you get some error message go into safe mode and do the process again.

Like Scan disk there is also one important thing you have to do on your disk drive is call Defragment.

Defragmentation is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation. It does this by physically organizing the contents of the mass storage device.It will help Hard Drive to maintain work properly.

How to Defragment Hard DiskHow To Test Hard Disk Drive Performance (Windows)

Do the same process until the tab come, called Tools

after that go to Optimizing and defragment the drive

click on optimize that popup a new window where you select drives one by one and

click on Optimize it will optimize your drive then defragment it.

This process takes some time its depend on your computer.

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