How To Turn Off Your PC Using Smart Phone

How To Turn Off Your PC Using Smart Phone

You can control your Computer by using your smartphone with the help of Mobile Application, You can do Shutdown, Turn On, Restart, Sleep hibernate etc……..

Many of us have a habit or need to leave our computer place without turning off PC. And its effect our electricity bills & other things, But we have a good news for you that you can now do turn off & on with your fingertip.

Here we know how to turn off your pc & off your pc with the smartphone.

If your smartphone & computer connected to a similar network then. You jut need to install an app, client version on phone & server version on Computer. And send commands to computer from phone to do Shutdown.

The App called Shutdown Start Remote (FREE). Download this app from Google Play Store, After that download the Server from the there official website for your computer.

Now install Java Runtime Environment on your Computer if you already have ignored the installation.How To Turn Off Your PC

Now open the software no need to install, & open the mobile App on your smart phone. now you can see your Computer name on the Apps dashboard, Now tap on the PC icon to connect.

After connection made you can set Shutdown Timer, Sleep Timer, or Hibernate Timer. Or if you want immediate action Tap on the down below option.

In above you see how its work in a local network(LAN) its good for security reason, but its limits your hand with a small area. If you are in other places where you can’t have your Local Network support you can’t do the job. But there another way available to do the job, You just need to use a Windows toolkit call Airytec Switch Off.

How To Shutdown PC From Anywhere

Install Airytec Switch Off Tool from there website. It will appear on your desktop & taskbar after successful installation. 1st thing you need to enable remote access.

  • Right, Click on the software icon on the taskbar, go to Option.
  • Now Go to Remote tab & enable web interface.
  • Enable the checkbox, next to enable authentication option, now create a password, & hit the Apply button.
  • Now click on View/Update static address link & copy and save the Current Switch Off UrL.
  • Now you can enter this URL in any browser from anywhere and put the password that you set early, Its open their web interface, From there you can Shutdown your PC remotely.How To Turn Off Your PC

Note: If this is not working Check your Firewall Settings. Working port 8000.

Now you know how to turn off remotely but if you want o turn on your pc remotely this process won’t work for that you have to follow other process & the process is here below.

How To Start Your PC With A Smart Phone

It does not work with many PC, Because this process based on your motherboard’s WOL(Weak-on-LAN) features & this features is not available most of the motherboards.

If your PC has then followed down below steps. Before doing that download and install an Android APP called Wake On Lan.

  • Go to bios settings Enable WOL.
  • Go to APP tap on “+” icon & select your pc.
  • Tap on Add device to add it to the list of device that you want to Wake on LAN.
  • Now when you need to do weak up from sleep, hibernate or shutdown just tap on your PC’s name.How To Turn Off Your PC



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