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Mouse Key Windows
Sometimes happens the mouse breaks down or runs out of power or your laptop’s touchpad not working and you need to do some urgent work. You can use the keyboard’s arrow keys on the numeric keypad as a mouse cursor, with the help of Mouse Key in windows system. This process is a little bit difficult to use for the first time, but if you have no options to get a working mouse, it will save your life for that time. Make sure the Num lock feature is on, toggled pressing the key until you see the indicator light.


Mouse Key Windows

You have to follow the 3 Shortcut Steps…
1.   Press & hold Left Alt + Left Shift + Num Lock at the same time.
2.   A new window appears, press OK or Enter.
3.   Repeat the same to turn Mouse Keys off.

A General Process To Start Mouse Key 

1.  Start
2.  Ease Of Access Mouse settings and enter
3.  Toggle the switch under mouse keys to on.
4.  Alt + F4 to exit this menu.

Mouse key Windows

How To Use MOUSE KEYS Instructions

To Move up and to the leftPress 7
To Move upPress 8
To Move up and to the rightPress 9
To Move leftPress 4
To Move rightPress 6
To Move down and to the leftPress 1
To Move Down Press 3
To Select the left mouse buttonPress /
To Select both of the mouse buttonsPress *
To Select the right mouse buttonPress –
To ClickWith the left button selected, press 5
To Right-clickWith the right button selected, press 5
To Double-clickWith the left button selected, press +
To Drag an itemPoint to the item, and then press 0
To Drop the item you are draggingPress.
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