How To Use Laptop Screen As Desktop Monitor & Desktop Screen As Laptop Monitor

Use Laptop Screen As Desktop Monitor & Desktop As Laptop Monitor

Can I Connect Laptop’s Display To Desktop?!

A Laptop is a stand-alone device, so they lack the display ports (VGA, DVI, Display Port, HDMI) that a typical monitor has to use for receiving an input signal. This is the fact that you normally can’t use laptop’s display as Desktop’s monitor, for this, you have to open your laptop case and solder connection between desktop’s output port and Laptop’s display port manually & for normal peoples, it’s not possible to do.

Alternative : If your laptop and desktop connected to a specified network & you have proper permission then you may use windows feature “Remote Desktop Connection” its allow you to use both displays, You can use laptop’s display on your desktop and desktop’s display on your Laptop.Laptop Screen As Desktop

How to connect a desktop monitor to a laptop

Almost every laptop can connect to an external display such as a led monitor, smart Tv, Projector etc. It can be extend your display or can be mirror your laptop’s display.

Every Laptop have external display connection port, a most common port is VGA & modern laptops are using  HDMI & Display Port. You just have to connect your external display port to laptop’s display port via VGA or HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) or Display Port cable.

After the connection is made your laptop may auto switch to the external display if not then you have to configure your laptop’s display driver software.

Right click on desktop > click on Display Setting, Here you can see your connected external display and you can configure from there.

For macOS X go to System Preference >Display option.Laptop Screen As Desktop

Note : If your Laptop’s port and external display port are not same then you can use a converter like VGA to HDMI, DVI to VGA etc.

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