Huawei Quad-Camera Foldable Flagships SmartPhone With 10x Optical Zoom Will Coming Soon

Huawei Quad-Camera Foldable Flagships SmartPhone

The Huawei could bring some changes in the camera department of the latest two flagships, Huawei P20 and Huawei Mate 20. The President of Consumer Business Group for Huawei, in Europe, named Walter Ji, innovates some new features through a test and some of them the company could bring in 2019 in their flagship.Huawei Quad-Camera Foldable Flagships SmartPhone

The company plans to bring the quad-camera high-end phone which can zoom up to 10x lossless. Not only the quad-camera high-end phone with 10x zoom capacity will bring by the company in 2019, but they could also bring the 5G-capability, foldable capacity, and H1 in next year.

Huawei does not anxious to offer Android Go devices recently, expected that, very soon, next year’s P-series (P30) will also get the same benefits as Huawei P20, and Huawei Mate 20, though we do not get any final confirmation from the company about this matter.

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The company’s strategy going forward and things Huawei’s efforts should go in the high-end market segment because as of now, there’s not much innovation in the low-end to mid-range thus offering lackluster user experience, configured by Walter Ji.Huawei walter Ji

Samsung has first used the quad-camera feature through Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018), and now Huawei wants to bring this feature in better technology on a high-end smartphone. The 3x or 5x zoom is not enough now. In this race, the Huawei plans to defeat the Samsung by the better options of Huawei’s R and D efforts that want to include the 10x zoom camera. The firm believes in the high-end market thus, they can displace the Samsung.

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