How to Install Google Chrome In A Different Drive In Windows

Google Chrome is the most popular Internet browser until now, it offers most of the advanced features of Internet browsing. So most of us use Chrome as our default web browser. This article is for those who have installed Google Chrome in his/her Windows (c:) device and also have less amount of System Drive (C:) HDD space, and want to install chrome in other drives eg. D: E: .

You can Install/Reinstall most of windows software’s in other drives but you cannot normally install Google Chrome other than System Drive. If you successfully install Google Chrome into another drive. Not to smile your Google Chrome sill eating your system drive’s (C:) space, because of chrome’s data-saving system works only on the system drive.

It will eat your storage time over time and make your C drive out of space, so if you run in this problem read this, this article will show the option to install google chrome in another drive also data on that drive.

This simple process will make google chrome think that it is on the system drive, and store all data on that other drive. But in reality, it will be saved on that other drive (D:).

Here Is The Process Of How To Install Google Chrome In A Different drive

google chrome in new location drive D

Delete Old Google Chrome

At first, create a folder (Chrome) for your google chrome in that new different drive, and delete previous Google Chrome installation. After uninstalling chrome go into the installation location (C:\Users\Your Usearname\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome). and delete the chrome folder, don’t delete the google folder.

After the work did go to the drive where you create the new folder (Chrome). In my case, I create the Chrome folder into my D: Drive (D:\Chrome).

Install Junction App

This application is a builtin feature of the Windows system, but windows don’t create an executive app for it. So I download a thirdparty application for it called Junction from Microsoft Website. Here is the installation process I mention down below.

  1. Download Junction app from the Microsoft Website Link is here.
  2. The downloaded file may be found in ZIP format, to extract the .exe file you need a zip extraction tool (WinRAR or 7-Zip), so if you don’t have the software on your computer download and install.
  3. Now extract the junction.exe or junction64.exe file in the system32 folder (C:\Windows\System32) in windows. Make sure you extract it inside of the system32 folder.

Create Junction Using The Junction Application

Now you have to redirect the data from the default chrome destination to the new drive (D:\Chrome) destination. Because its a Command-line tool, to create a junction you need to use CMD.

To open Windows Command Prompt Press windows key + R key and type cmd and hit enter. Or simply go to Start and search cmd.

In the CMD enter the command junction.exe “Default location of chrome” “Your destination location”

In my case, it will be junction.exe “C:\Users\Bhaskar\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome” “D:\Chrome”

Now you replace the locations according to yours and hit the enter it will show you the location has been targeted.

Install again Google chrome

If you have chrome’s setup file with you then ok if not go to the Google Chrome Website and download and install the google chrome as normally do. The chrome will download and install to the default location in the drive C: the system drive. But now the data will not stay in the system drive it will be made in the new location that you create in the different drive my case it will be D:\Chrome.

The application stays in the system drive it hardly around 300MB in size after it installs in your system. But it will not grow up over time, because of the different destination drive. But if you want to move the 300MB also, do the steps mention down below.

  • Go to the google chrome installation location in the system drive it will be “C:\Program FIles\Google”. Now cut the Chrome folder.
  • Now go to your different drive’s folder (D:\Chrome\) and paste.
  • Now go inside of the Chrome folder (D:\Chrome\Chrome).
  • Here you can see Chrome Application file right click on it and send to desktop shortcut.

This is it, now Google Chrome won’t eat your C: drive’s space.

How To Remove The Junction

Just in case, if you want Google Chrome set back in the default space, Then you need to remove the Junction, down below you find the process of the removing Junction.

To uninstall the Junction you need again CMD’s help.

Open CMD (Command Prompt) now type the down below command.

junction -d “The default location of Chrome where you created the junction”

Here the command looks like if do on my computer.

junction -d “C:\users\Bhaskar\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome”

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