Top 5 Kid Safety Apps To Keep Your Kids Safe

Kid Safety Apps
If you have a think on your mind about to give a smartphone to your kids then we think, you may also bother about their safety, and it is important also in today’s world. There are so many ways available to keep your kids safe after giving them a smartphone. You can install a lot of apps in your kids’ smartphone to keep them secure, thus in one side, your kids will be happy after got a smartphone and you will be happy for keeping them safe.

We said here about the top 5 kid safety mobile apps you can install these apps for your kid’s safety. See the apps below, hopefully, this suggestion will help you:

List Of Top 5 Kid Safety Apps

A. Kaspersky SafeKids

Kaspersky, the greatest cybersecurity company presents a reliable all-in-one tracking and control tools for your kid’s handset. You just need to install the app on your kid’s smartphone to control it from a dedicated dashboard, and after installing the app you will be asked to create a pin (this pin will be used for protecting the app from unauthorized access).

By paying only $16.99/year you can get a lot of extra safety feature beside the parental control features, in Kaspersky SafeKids. The special safety feature’s list includes detail reporting on an app and internet usage, call and SMS log, child’s location tracking, and alerts to your email and phone.

You can control so many things on your child’s phone through this Kaspersky SafeKids app, for example, you can see which website and apps are accessed by your child and for how long time and the main feature is you will get a notification if your child tries to access anything from restricted device usage limit.


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B. TrueMotion Family Safe Driving

This app is made for your teens, though it is a drive tracking app, it can do many driving-related important works for your teen’s safety. Usually, parents gave a lot of suggestion to their teens for safe driving but at the time of driving these suggestions are seemed only as a few words to the teens.

So, to solve the problem you need to install only one app on your teen’s smartphone, the app called TrueMotion Family Safe Driving. When you install the app on your teen’s phone it will automatically track all your teen’s driving habits and rate all their trips. You have to do initial signup after installation of the app, and next just tell the app how often you drive in a week, must remind that you need to put the right information because this information will be used for the correct rating. Thereafter to start adding family members to track driving habits, only tap on the gray button on the left corner and start adding them.

The app records car’s speed, sudden breaks, and records also how many times during a ride your teens use the phone, and after recording these important factors it makes the rating of your teen’s driving trips. To compear each other, the app tracks the driving habits of all your family members and allows to see the score of other members.


C. Life360 Family Locator

The Life360 is a tracking app, it accumulates the complete record of your kids, that includes, where your kids spent the whole day, in which place your kids are currently present, etc. This app helps to keep your whole family connected to each other all the time, so you are able to talk and send messages in your family group chats. In this app, the chatting and tracking are totally free but when you will use its some additional controls in its premium version then you will have to pay $ 50/year. The Life360 Plus’ premium version supports some extraordinary features like create location alerts, track a lost phone, get roadside assistance, see tracking history from last 30 days, and get help in the emergency from real people.

In Life360 Family Locator, all registered family members are shown on an interactive map in real-time, that allows you to start a chat by only tapping on their profile, not only that, you can also get an option there to create dedicated groups to track multiple families or you can create separate groups for kids and adults.


D. Safety For Kids

This is a real-life learning game app, which includes 12 chapters. These game chapters make your kids go through a different set of activities to learn. This learns your kids what to do in different emergency situations. Between 12 chapters only three chapters are can be played by your child for free, and to unblock rest nine chapters you have to pay $1/chapter.

It is very easy to play, your kids have to face many situations like a stranger at door, escaping the fire, getting lost, the danger on the road, elevator trouble, and many more situations. In this game, your child only needs to give the right choice answer in a particular situation. If they choose the wrong answer then it instructed clearly to your kids why it is wrong and why you suggested to not do this in a particular situation.

This game’s content is kids-friendly and presents a lot of effective good instructions to your kids. This game is voice-narrated, the vocabulary is very basic and delivers very clear English. The main good thing about the game is it shows only two acceptable option for one question where one option is truly ideal according to a situation and your kids have to choose one between these two options. This method helps your kids to choose the perfect decision because after seeing two options they would easily know the other acceptable option is not useful in the contemporary condition.


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E. SPIN Safe Browser

You can protest the accidental access of everything which is unsuitable for your kids on a browser. SPIN, a browser, that can easily block all types of unsuitable content without any configuration, on the web. This also allows YouTube but it blocks those channels automatically, which are inappropriate for kids, it is really smart. Your kids can not hide anything from you, because it has no private browsing mode.

Launch the browser and start exploring, its filtering works naturally. If kids will try to access an unsuitable website (through a link or directly) then it will block that very quickly. The blockable subjects include gambling, weapons, alcohol, phishing websites, drugs, malware, proxy sites, and adult content.

Its browser is based on the Firefox open source code so the interface of the app looks quite similar. Go to Settings > Tools > Add-ons, and then you can install Firefox add-ons.


If you have another kid safety apps in your knowledge please let me know in the comment section. to stay with us SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE.


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