How To Know If Someone Has Blocked You On WhatsApp

You suspect someone has blocked you in WhatsApp but not get any strong proof to believe that because WhatsApp does not send any information to confirm that. Don’t take tension you can figure out the matter very easily in some way.

The ways are stated here to know who blocked you on WhatsApp

let’s know them…

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  •  Watch The Contact Details In Chat

Firstly, open the conversation in WhatsApp which you suspected, and look at the contact details at the top, there see at the profile photo and last seen, if you see that then good but if not then there is a big chance that you have blocked by the contact. blocked contact on whatsapp One thing must keep in mind, this way is not a fully effective way because the parson/ suspected contact can disable the last seen activity and profile picture from you, so that not really proof you have blocked by the parson/ suspected contact.

  • Take An Attempt For Text Or Call

In a second way, if you send a message to the person in WhatsApp and the delivery receipt shows one checkmark then there it is possible you have blocked by the person, but if the delivery receipt shows the two blue checkmarks then this is sure you have bot blocked by the suspected contact. call blocked contact on whatsapp Similarly, you can call the person via WhatsApp, if the call not going to the person or you hear the ring but no one does not pick up the call, you may be blocked by the person.

  • Take An Attempt To Add The Contact Into A Group

The final way of finding out the matter is, making a new group on WhatsApp and include the contact into the group. Contact Into A Group There if WhatsApp says you the app is not able to add the person to the group then surely, that means,  you have blocked by the person in WhatsApp.


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