Laptop Buying Tips

Laptop Buying Tips

Purchasing a laptop for home or busyness is not a big deal nowadays you can buy form any Local shop or online store. But selecting the right laptop is a very confusing job. We have listed some suggestion for this or you can say laptop buying guide, down below, let’s check this out. 

Purpose Of Buying Laptop

First, select your purpose why you need a laptop what job you will do into this. Because your job will decide what types of laptop you need to buy.

EXAMPLE: If you are a gamer go for big screen HI configuration laptop, Or you just need to do some office work go for normal size average configuration laptop or if you are a traveler and do work on the go then go for small size lightweight laptop.

Here we giving some advance Laptop Buying Tips  


CPU is the heart of every computer, That’s why the laptop’s model name comes with the name of the Processor. Its define your computer’s true speed & performance, chose this at first which CPU you need to have on your laptop.


Memory always plays an important role in a computer, determine the amount & type of memory, also check there any option available for future upgrade. It’s always a good option to have extra space for the future upgrade.

Video Card

Now many laptop computers come with extra Video graphics memory for run Hi-end games & application. So if you will use this kind of application or game, then must check your laptop’s video card model.

Laptop Buying Tips

Usage Time

Laptop is made for portable computing, you can use it whatever you want, you can travel with your laptop, but battery can be a big issue, because every time you can’t find a charger outside, So you have to get a bigger capacity battery fitted into your laptop, so determine how long you use your laptop on battery and select the right battery for your laptop.

Display Size

The display is an important part of a laptop, basically, its personal choice how big or small your laptop’s display has. Sometimes a smaller display is more comfortable with caring outside because laptop’s display determines laptop’s size, so choose your display size according to your job. we recommend at least 12″ display, and common display size is 14″.

External Drives & Ports

Drives & Ports are overlooked sometimes but check what ports and drives you need. CD/DVD drives are not so needed now, so many of laptops come without it. If you need DVD then make sure your laptop comes with it. USB and others ports also depend on laptop’s model, so make sure your needed port’s are comes with your model.


You can not carry a bunch of external storage drive with a laptop, so make sure your laptop have enough storage space (HDD/SSD) for your work. Other hand now we have Cloud Storage but for this, you have to connected with good internet but every times its not possible to get outside. So its better option to have enough space in your laptop.


Now every laptop comes with WiFi but some laptops are not comes with RJ45 Ethernet port(Gigabit or non Gigabit) or Rj11 Modem port. So make sure your laptop have the port that you need.


You can consider a little bit of extra weight in your laptop, but when comes to daily using it, you have to keep in mind that your laptop’s weight is not crossed your comfort zone.


Portable meaning you can carry it anywhere, this feature bring a security issue, your laptop can be stole easily, so for this problem, the laptop comes with a lock port. Make sure your laptop have lock port.


You can chose your loved brand but make sure they have a good service center in your locality and the brand make a quality product. Every company have there good and bad stories, this sorties all based on user reviews, Review your brand’s service report in the internet, trust me it will help you lot.



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