LG Uplus 5G Is Switch On

LG Uplus 5G

The LG Uplus will turn on its 5G network in some areas of Seoul and on 1st February 2019 they will turn on it on other cities, reported by the LG Uplus. They also indicate that the next-generation mobile service to be available to smartphone users in this month. The LG Uplus completed the cell planning for the launch of 5G services in the middle of November.

LG Uplus 5G Service

They also introduced a network quality measurement analysis system developed by Inno Wireless, a specialist manufacturer of mobile communication test equipment in South Korea. “It is rolling out 5G equipment in 11 major cities including Seoul, Incheon, Bucheon, Goyang, Kwangmyong and Hanam“, “a  team of more than 400 network personnel are working in the field to optimize the network in the Seoul metropolitan area“, in a statement the operator said that.

The LG Uplus system provides real-time results and measures traffic quality, LG Uplus said: ” is essential for securing 5G network competitiveness.”

LG Uplus 5G Detail Update

JOINT LAUNCH: The SK Telecom (SKT), KT, and the LG Uplus are working together for a joint commercial 5G launch, in March. Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT ensure that the country is the first to launch the next-generation technology, for the reason, it forces the operators to collaborate to “avoid excessive competition”.In a sale conducted (in June), this country was one of the first to auction 5G spectrum, that raising KRW3.61 trillion ($3.2 billion). The LG Uplus received 80MHz of the 3.5GHz spectrum, with SKT and KT securing 100MHz (the maximum amount allowed per operator). A total of 2,400MHz in the 28GHz band had also bought by the operators.

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The country’s largest mobile operators, SKT selected the Samsung, the Ericsson, and the Nokia as its 5G network equipment suppliers, in September, but the KT and the LG Uplus have not declared their sellers yet.


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