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Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Display

In 2016 the Microsoft introduced their original Surface Hub, and very soon they will disclose the Microsoft Surface Hub 2,  the next-generation of its giant conference room displays. The Surface Hub 2 will allows you to rotate it into place with a clever mechanism. Microsoft does not declare any fixed price and release date of it but expected that it may available from 2019.Microsoft Surface Hub 2

The original Surface Hub had 1080p 55-inch and 4K 84-inch options and the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 will have a 50.5-inch display with a greater than 4K resolution and 3:2 aspect ratio with extremely thin bezels.


Through the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 workers can move it throughout an office because it is designed to be flexible and lightweight. It is based on Windows 10 and hardware of the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 looks stunning.

Microsoft is working on a new dynamic collaboration scenario that will allow log into the device using the built-in fingerprint reader and then each pulls their own work into a single collaborative document. In the Surface Hub 2, you will get 4K cameras to make video calls in portrait mode, and it will also support far-field microphones.


Last year, the Microsoft’s 55-inch Surface Hub priced at $4000and the Google launched its own $ 5000 digital whiteboard. Half of Fortune 100 companies already own a Microsoft Surface Hub. Microsoft has sold Surface Hubs to more than 5000 businesses in 25 countries and Microsoft says pricing will be in line with similar competitive devices.Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Last year the company closed its US manufacturing plant of Surface Hub, because of its big demand and expected that the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 (50.5-inch) manufacture of hardware should be easier. We saw the delays for original Surface Hub but Microsoft will avoid it for Surface Hub 2. Next year when the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 will usually available before that select commercial customers will be able to test the Surface Hub 2.Microsoft Surface Hub 2

The above description and Microsoft’s promotional video for the Surface Hub 2 can feel like that the company’s vision of the future is becoming a reality.



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