20 Top Mobile Games For Your Brain Test

Mobile Games For Brain Test
We think almost a large number of smartphone users are usually like to play games on their handsets. Typically, many users are like to install three or above numbers of games in their smart handsets, and at least one game is a common thing to see one’s handset. You can not ignore this matter that a game has the ability to reduce your stress and entertain you for some times.

There are various types of good games available in the market to entertain you, but we think some mind-boggling games are truly amazing, these not only offer a fun but it also helps you to sharpen your mind. Those Mind-boggling games are brilliant options for polishing up minds, and these can help to improve your brainpower and intelligence.

I am also a game lover and like to play various types of games, Some mind-boggling games are included in my game list. If you are a game lover and searching for some good, interesting and latest mind-boggling games, then you are in the correct place. Here we told you about 20 mind-boggling games that will do your brain test, definitely.

List Of Mobile Games For Brain Test


1. Unblock Me FREE

Unblock me

This is a jigsaw style logic-based puzzle game. In this game, you need to move wooden blocks to clear path for a red block, the purpose of the game is to clear the path, using latest moves, and earning stars. The game offers over 16000 puzzles to put your brain to test.

You can download this ‘Unblock Me Free’ game on iOS and Android devices.


2. Real Chess

Real Chess Mobile Games For Brain Test

It is a 3D virtual chess game which allows you to play with users from all around the world. The 3D structures and animations of Real Chess are really smart looking. A chess game is got the ability to make a sharper mind, you also know that, so there is no doubt that you can choose it to grow your mind’s intelligence.

You can download this ‘Real Chess’ game on Android devices.


3. Juice Cubes

Juice Cubes

The Juice Cubes game has over 550+ levels, at some starting levels it looks very easy, but it will seem hard to solve when you reach higher levels. Juice Cubes game is a light and colorful game with full fruity juice cubes, in this game you need to connect pop and then clear levels.

You can download this ‘Juice Cubes’ game on iOS and Android devices.


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4. Where’s My Water?

Where's My Water Mobile Games For Brain Test

‘Where’s My Water’ is a fun game that presented by Disney. It is based on real physics here you need to guide water as you can, and it has multiple types of liquids like as dirty water, ooze, and toxic water, and these all have their own effects and physics. To play this game you required to push three brain objects such as quick reactions, strategy, and steady hands.

The game is limited to 15 levels only, to get its full version on iOS and Android you need to pay $1.99.


5. Brain Dots

Brain Dots

The Brain Dots game required to bump two dots in a level by drawing different shapes through a pen and carrying the ball besides. Just you can draw any shape you like as long as it could take you to your objective. Its stages have own structures and perks to make them interesting.

On iOS and Android devices, the ‘Brain Dots’ game is downloadable.


6. Tricky Test 2

Tricky Test 2 Mobile Games For Brain Test

In Tricky Test 2 game you will be asked some simple questions with simpler answers, almost ever questions which they will ask you are trick questions their answers are right in front of you but probably most of the time you could not find the answers correctly.

On iOS and Android devices, the ‘Tricky Test 2’ game is downloadable.


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7. Lyfoes


The solitaire’s alternative version is Lyfoes, according to game rule. Without the game rules Lyfoes’s others everything looks deferent from the solitaire game. This game’s goal is to group together same color cute creatures called Lyfoes in beakers. The hard part of the game is the number of beakers and Lyfoes increase.

On Android devices, the ‘Lyfoes game’ is downloadable.


8. Lumosity

Lumosity Mobile Games For Brain Test

The Lumosity’s games are built by designers who worked with 40+ university researchers and a team of scientists. The game offers you over 30 brain-testing games which help to grow your problem- solving skill, attention, memory, speed, and flexibility.

On iOS and Android devices, the ‘Lumosity’ game is downloadable.


9. Number Knot

Number Knot

If you played the ‘Hidoku’ game before, you must know that there you got the challenge to guess numbers on a grid based on a few relevant numbers, probably in this game numbers were hidden in vertical and horizontal line based. The ‘Number Knot’ has only one difference, it hides numbers in random directions including diagonal.

You can download this ‘Number Knot’ game on Android devices.


Here Is Half Of The List Of Mobile Games For Brain Test

10. Hidden Objects Mansion

Hidden Objects Mansion Mobile Games For Brain Test

In ‘Hidden Objects Mansion’ game you have to find out objects in a messy mansion, each level consists over 100 objects. This game is a very interesting hidden objects game which delivered HD graphics and its indoor environment look really real.

You can download this ‘Hidden Object Mansion’ game on Android devices.


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11. Flow Free

Flow Free

When you will play this game the first time you may think that it’s a child’s game but after crossing some levels you will know how hard it is. The ‘Flow Free’ is a color matching game, here you required to match colors to built pipes, the main thing is you have to confirm no pipes overlap each other or they will break. It sounds good at the time of interact, but the graphics are not best.

On iOS and Android devices, the ‘Flow Free’ game is downloadable.


12. Reversi Free

Reversi Free Mobile Games For Brain Test

This game has light and dark discs to play, that demand to flip discs in your player color (Light or Dark) as many as possible for you. The game seemed similar to chess. It can take a few times to fully understand it before play.

You can download this ‘Reversi Free’ game on Android devices.


13. Shadowmatic


This game is really an eye-shooting game where you get a pretty and attractive environment and graphics. It is a challenging game, this demand to combine parts to create a shadow puppet similar to objects in the environment.

On iOS and Android devices, the ‘Shadowmatic’ game is downloadable.


14. Mind Games

Mind Games Mobile Games For Brain Test

The ‘Mind Games’ have over 35 games to challenge your brain, for example, it has word games, math problems, vocabulary games, beat-the-time quizzes, trivia, and memorizing games. These all games score can be arranged in one place and your weaknesses and strengths can be evaluated there, these games are powerful options for you to upgrade your skills and intelligence.

You can download this ‘Mind Games’ game on Android and iOS devices.


15. Hitman GO

HItman Go

The ‘Hitman GO’ game is the other version of the Hitman Franchise game, the assassination theme is the same in both games. Though the assassination theme is same in Hitman GO like as the Hitman Franchise game, there is a difference between the two games. The difference is, it offers this in a grid style puzzle. The target of the game is, you have to assassinate your enemies by using different tactics and just move forward, the moves are limited to the grid and you required to solve different puzzles to move forward. In this game, you can go all berserk and kill all the enemies in your path or silently slip by enemies and reach your goal, that is similar to actual Hitman Franchise game.

On iOS and Android devices, the ‘Hitman GO’ game is downloadable.


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16. The Room Three

The Room Three Mobile Games For Brain Test

Similar to the above mentioned  ‘Shadowmatic’ and ‘Hidden Objects Mansion’ games graphics the ‘The Room Three’ game also delivered you amazing graphics with amazing surroundings scene. This beautiful game is a physical puzzle game, here you demand to solve real objects puzzle in a room to move forward. The game wants to solve riddles, match shapes, open locks, make guesses, open locks, and spin dials from you to solving puzzles.

You can download this ‘The Room Three’ game on Android and iOS devices.


17. Brain It On!

Brain It On

This game is similar to Brain Dots game, but here you need to complete different physics-based tasks, such as you required to lift an object or add water in a glass just with your drawing skills. The ‘Brain It On!’ game is a physics-based game which challenges your problem-solving skills and creativity, it is really very addictive game.

On iOS and Android devices, the ‘Brain It On!’ game is downloadable.


18. WordBrain 2

WordBrain 2 Mobile Games For Brain Test

It is a word game. To play this game you need to guess words based on the number of letters provided, every word puzzle has a theme category like as, color, human body, food, etc. Their hints are also available to help you.

You can download this ‘WordBrain 2’ game on Android and iOS devices.


19. Puzzlerama


‘Puzzlerama’ allows you to play popular puzzle games like as unblock, jigsaw, flow, tangram, pipes and more, this game app has joined some of the top puzzles, so these are available in one single app. The animation and interface of the game are calm and colorful respectively. It has hundreds of levels.

On Android devices, the ‘Puzzlerama’ game is downloadable.


The Last mobile games For Your Brain Test

20. Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Cut The Rope Mobile Games For Brain Test

Firstly we want to say about the sound and graphics of the game, that is so cool, pretty, and interesting. The goal of the game is, you need to bring candy to Om Nom (a creature) through cutting ropes of the candy, in your path you will get enemies, traps, and you need to solve physics-based puzzles to make the candy drop in Om Nom’s mouth. The game has a lot of sequels. The ‘Time Travel’ version has come with feature and history them with new tools, traps, and two Om Nom. Overall, we must say this looks easy but really it is not as easy as you think, but ‘Cut the Rope: Time Travel’  is a great mind-boggling game.

You can download this ‘ Cut the Rope: Time Travel’ game on Android and iOS devices.


This mobile games can surely do the brain test job of yours If you know more mobile games for brain test write to us. stay SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE with your friends.

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