Most Popular Battery Saver App For Android

Most Popular Battery Saver App For Android

Today’s smartphone comes with a maximum battery capacity (like 2k to 4k mAh) that means it will give you more uptime, but most of the time it does not work like that, with the increase of battery capacity phone’s power consumption also increases. That’s why we are facing low battery problem. it’s to a hard time when we need to use the mobile but because of low battery, we can’t.

During a survey, it is found that around 50% people choose mobile phones depending on battery life.

To solve this problem most of the smartphone comes with inbuilt battery saver app but unfortunately few mobiles are not having such inbuilt life-saving apps. But there is no reason to worry different best battery saver apps are available in the apps store.

These battery saver apps can not increase physical capacity of the battery but it can decrease your phone’s power consumption by optimizing your phone & other power-hungry apps that are already installed on your phone.

Here we talk about some most popular Battery Saver App

Number One Battery Saver App

COMODO Battery SaverBattery Saver App

This app will switch your device to power saving mode. That means it will disable running power-hungry apps with a single tap. This app provides you all details about which application eat most of the power of the battery.


Number TwoBattery Saver App

Deep Sleep Battery SaverBattery Saver App

This app constantly put your phone in deep sleep mode that means it turned off 3g/4g & WiFi data, also other power hungry running app. The best part of this app is that it allows the device to wake up after a frequent interval to check emails & other important things to update. There are 5 predefined mods and you can also customize your own.


Number Three Battery Saver App

Snapdragon Battery GuruBattery Saver App

This app work in a different way, it will learn your phone using the style for 2 to 4days. After learning, Snapdragon Battery Guru app will auto optimize the best power saving mood for your phone. That after it will notify you that it is ready to increase the battery life of the device.


Number Four Battery Saver App

One Touch  Battery SaverBattery Saver App

This app work with one single touch like as the name. It deactivates all your signals (except mobile signal), vibration, background light & put your phone in silent mode. It will help you to increase the battery life.


Number Five Battery Saver App

DU Battery Saver

Battery Saver App

This Power saver app load with some Pre-Set modes like as Long Standby, General Mode & Sleep Mode, in advance you can define your own customized mode. This app can increase battery life up to  50% in general if you need more you have to upgrade the app then it will give you up to 70%.


You can find several Battery saver apps in google app store but before use read the article how the app work, is this working method OK for you? if yes then install the app and share your experience with us.

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