Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Your Websites

Many of us running different types of  WordPress website for a different reason, some are for an online store, some for the blog. That’s why we need different types of plugin, like for online store you need an e-commerce plugin.

In today’s blog, I will show you some useful WordPress Plugins list, Some Plugins can be common to you.

List Of Plugins

  1. Yoast SEO.
  2. Multisite Cloner.
  3. Jetpack.
  4. Multisite Enhancements.
  5. BackWPup.
  6. User Switching.
  7. Network Shared Media.
  8. Multisite Robots.txt Manager.
  9. WP Security Audit Log.
  10. WordPress MU Domain Mapping.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO can improve your Site’s SEO, it will optimize from all required aspects. It helps you to get you all post SEO optimized by including meta tag, data and focus keyword. It’s also multisite compatible that means you can configure default settings for all blogs.

Multisite Cloner

This plugin will help you if you create new as a clone from your old blog. It will help you to save all your hard work and time that need to create a new blog. Its contain the same post, uploads, plugins, theme settings, a user from the old blog.


It’s a multi-module plugin, it will help you to manage your multisite by there numerous features. Jetpack will give you to free monitor of your site’s uptime. They have also a security feature that protects your sites from various security issues, you can configure your site with 2-factor authentication for your users, & you can also analyze there stat in a single panel. It can also handle some tools, like Slideshows, Simple Embeds, Widgets, carousels, email subscriptions, social login and more.

Multisite Enhancements

This plugin will increase the dashboard’s network area for super admin. It will add more utilities & info, including admin bar, starting sites having a particular plugin or theme enables, to “Network Admin”.

You can change footer text to get status on RAM, SQL, etc. You can also add favicon beside the site name in admin area & remove the WordPress logo from the bar.


This plugin does a great job, its help you to save & store your full word Into a single .zip file. Its include “wp-content” directory also, If you face any emergency or data loss you can easily restore your data back with the help of single .zip file.

This plugin support cloud backup & multisite backup you can backup your whole network in a cloud drive. This plugin also does additional optimization tasks like optimizing the database, repairing database, & more.

User Switching

This plugin will help you to test your user’s role & capabilities, You can switch user accounts by quickly logging in and out. This process can be done by the only superuser securely. This plugin use cookies for this process its also prevents leaking passwords.

Network Shared Media

This Plugin will help you to access media from other sub-blogs on your multisite network. It helps you to avoid uploading duplicate image or media. It will show your uploaded images in other sub-blogs in a multisite network. You can insert your other sub-blogs’ uploaded images with a single click. This plugin has such feature like adding a new tab “Network Shared Media” to the “Add Media” window, there you can view and select an image from another sub-blog to insert.

Multisite Robots.txt Manager

With the help of this plugin, you can manage all robots.txt files of your sub-blogs on your multisite network. This will help you to create unique robots.txt files for each blog, its allow you to do a mass update of all the site in your network. You can also scan and clean old robot.txt files in your network.

WP Security Audit Log

This is a security activity monitoring plugin, its comprehensive audit log & monitoring plugin, it keeps a record of all activities that occur on your multisite network. This plugin also allows you to monitor user activities like there log in & out. Using this plugin’s notification you can track suspicious activities & prevent security issues. If someone tried to log in to your site the plugin will notify you, its like CCTV camera install in your network.

If you have any other Plugin in your knowledge Please share with us.



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