Narendra Modi’s #mainbhichowkidar

A few days ago our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi Ji launched  #MainBhiChowkidar campaign on the social network Tweeter. And after a few hours of the tweet of #MainBhiChowkidar get over 80K likes that’s huge, for this it stays in Twitter trending page. The half-million tweets got hashtag mainbhichowkidar according to Tweeter.

The Story Behind #MainBhiChowkidar

If you join this campaign by posting hashtag mainbhichowkidar you will get a message from official@narendramodi Thank you for supporting the MainBhiChowkidar” movement.

Here I attached some posts regarding hashtag mainbhichowkidar.


Twitter #MainBhiChowkidar

The Twitter Bot

If you think Mr. Narendra Modi send those messages then its I say a BIG NO. Obviously, it’s not possible to send those messages by a human so those messages are handled by a Twitter bot. Twitter makes this bot a bit of extra smart, here the result.

  • Not every reply from Mr. Modi is the same photo attachment.
  • And the photo contains a personalized message with the name of the person who tweets.
  •  Not every tweet message are the same they are bit different from each other.

Normal bot messages are different from the #mainbhichowkidar bot. Actually, a normal Twitter bot message is a bit easy to write. But this Twitter bot is different it read the hashtag post and fetches the details of the person and make a personalized image message with Name of his/her.

N.B- You can not found that auto-reply messages in the Twitter search.

You can try to search “narendramodi #mainbhichowkidar” Twitter will show one tweet and none of the reply tweets. For more, you can try to search in replies timeline of Mr. Narendra Modi, you will not find any reply tweets in there.

“messages 2019” is called as “#MainBhiChowkidar” according to the source. And the bot is developed by @oplinaTech, it’s a Noida-based IT Company.


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