Apps Can Help You To Achieve Your New Year Resolution

Achieving a new year resolution will be easier for you if you follow some easy ways. The following apps help you in various segments, like a healthy life, more productivity, a better job, and most importantly save money. So, this year if you strongly wish to full fill your new year resolution, then I think you must follow the easier way of fulfilling it.

Apps For Your New Year Resolution

1.  Eat and Live Healthier

Your Key to Success FatSecretFor tracking meals, weight, exercise, this app is outstanding. It supports a barcode scanner and a database of all the nutritious info of food with barcodes.

SWORKIT Your Daily Workout App Whether your goal isVery easy and helpful homework out is can be seen here. Strength training, yoga is also available in it, and if you want you can set the amount of time of your work out.

Whole Foods Market RecipesIn the app, you can find out fat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and other healthier recipes for a healthy start.

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2.   For a bit more Productive In This New Year Resolution

Cozi Family OrganizerThis will be more helpful if your family members use iOS devices. It helps you by providing the capability of the shopping list, to-do list, family calendar, and family journals. In these section members required to log in to one account through their own email address and watch daily each task.

PostmechanicalTo complete your important tasks at the proper time you can use the app because it repeats the alarms in each hour /day /minute or still that time until you complete the task.

Remember The MilkIf you forget to take milk every day or want to start taking it, then go with this app. This app works better with their website, on their website with an account you can set reminders via SMS, Messenger, and email. Furthermore, this syncs and backs up all the information you added to your mobile device to the web account.

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3.   Get A Better Job New Year Resolution

Indeed Job SearchTo get a better job option you can choose the Indeed Job Search.

Linkedin Job Search & NewsNot only job options you can also get the advantages of the online presence of your skills by creating an account, which provides you job-related notifications.

4.  Save Some Money

Expensify Pay Your BIllExpensify helps you by syncing your credit cards and bank accounts to track purchases with real-time updates, and also you can track transactions through eReceipts. As an alternative option of getting expense reports, you can take pictures of paper receipts.

hellowalletThis app presents a shorts note of your budget progress and based on categories you can average out your spending trends.  It also supports multiple bank account tracking.

Bills Monitor - Bill ReminderYou can see yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly reports on your spending in each category, view due dates on the in-app calendar, and manage and categorize your bills.

Visual Budget - FinancesIn this app, you can set recurring transactions (for example, phone bill, or Internet bill), and mainly this app support you to manage expenses of different accounts and classify them into different groups for assist good administration.


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