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Generally, videos without its interior well-sounding audio (background noise reduction clear audio) are not accepted by people. That I said in the meaning of videos which we watch in various sites very easily, in one word the videos of public utilization.  In the other segment nowadays to connect personage many times we take the help of the video conferencing or video calling feature, there also sounds that are very important for a clear chatting. Finally, you can not ignore that video without clear audio is not a good and helpful video to its viewers.

Clear audio recording (along with minimizing the background noise) on a Windows PC will be very easy for anyone if they follow some rules. If you want to know the rules, see the following points.


Windows ( Windows 7 & Windows 10) has few integrated microphone options which help its users to reduce microphone background noise. These features exactly depend on the sound hardware in your PC and also on your manufacture’s audio drivers. In the Control Panel, usually, these options can be seen, most probable you can not find them in the new Settings app.

To get them open the Control Panel from the Start menu and head to Hardware and Sound > Sound.

Next Click on the Recording tab in the Sound window, select your microphone device and click Properties.

Thereafter, Click on the Levels tab. In this segment remember that, if you dealing with background noise, attempt lowering the Microphone Boost option ( possibly to +10.0 dB as an alternative +20.dB).

Then, set microphone volume to 100. When you make lower the boost setting and the microphone is lowered, then increased volume will helpful for people to hear you.

After that, click on the Apply option and test your microphone to hear the change, and finally, Click to the Enhancements tab [this tab availability depends on PC’s audio hardware and drivers, so you may not get that]. If you see the Noise Suppression or Noise Cancellation option there you must enable that.

After doing all changes, finally, click on the OK option to save the changes.

There are some other options which can help to reduce background noise, such as, Acoustic Echo Cancellation option, that, if you are not wearing headphones, can reduce echo created by speakers.

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Recently, on 22nd April 2020, Google added noise cancellation to the Google Meet, that’s why Google Meet automatically able to reduce the background noise, you don’t require to make any changes.


This supports a built-in noise suppression feature powered by the You just click on the Noise Suppression button (at the bottom left of Discord’s sidebar), to enable Discord during voice chatting and activate the Noise Suppression option.

This offers a free tier that supports 120 minutes of noise cancellation for free every week, but after that, you have to pay $3.33/ month.


This software works only on NVIDIA RTX GPUs system, though Ars Technica reports, it can work on PCs with older NVIDIA graphics hardware.

The NVIDIA RTX Voice application can allow you to activate a Remove Background Noise feature which uses Machine learning and the power of an NVIDIA GPU able to remove background noise from your microphone on your system in any application.


SYS traders 3.5 mm Jack Collar Mini Lapel Lavalier Microphone with Clip Noise Cancelling for All Mobile Phones Microphone

I think you will require a good quality microphone if the above all trick no provide you any kind of help. There are so many microphones available in the market called Noise-cancelling Microphone that designed to filter out or reduce noise, basically, these types of microphones have two microphones built-in, a primary mic to record voice and the secondary to record ambient noise, they filter out the ambient noise.

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