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About Nox Player: A free Android equivalent that lets their users play games and run apps on their computers are known as the Nox App Player for PC. On Windows PC the Nox works greatly, thus one can get the amazing experience of Android on Windows. It’s a virtual environment of the latest Android that provides outstanding experience at the time of playing games or using apps on it.NOX Player

There is no doubt on gaming experience that Nox Player offers to its users are awesome, the main reasons behind this may be its high-quality graphics, smart keyboard control, and easy to use accessibility. The famous games which peoples love to play (for example, Free fire, Arknights, Call of Duty Mobile, etc), to those games, the Nox Player offers some advantages like easy control and high FPS to the players.


A. The Nox Player Can Help You To Run Smoother With Better Hardware Performance And High FPS Then A Mobile Phone, To Download It On PC To Play GAMES Do The Followings:

  • Firstly, go to the link,
  • Then, download NoxPlayer from there.
  • After that, click on the ‘Tools‘, then click on ‘Google play‘.
  • Next, you have to Sing-in Google account.
  • Lastly, you can install any Android games or apps.

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The Other Features are

B. You Can Run Various Accounts During Playing One GAME Because Of The Nox Player

  • The NoxPlayer support multi-drive, in this feature, one can run multiple accounts with making many emulators. That’s the reason, in the Black Desert Mobile game players are able to run more so that one emulator at the same time directed towards complete their goal.
  • If you want you can create many games accounts and can use them to grow faster by only using the multi-drive feature. Thus you can address yourself in different in-game items through multiple accounts, and you can stay continue in the game at the occult area.
  • In Nox Player, you can chat with friends during playing games.

C. The NoxPlayer Offer You Smart Keymapping For Controlling And Releasing Chsrscter And Skills

You can play games with a smart keyboard and mouse on NoxPlayer. To control the moving direction of a character, you can set the key of  ‘WASD’. You can do another important thing, can cast the skill in the MOBA games, for example, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or Brawl Stars.

D. Use Script for Making all Operators you Want By NoxPlayer:

To clarify your operators in games, with the Macro (Script) key you can label a string of actions to just a single keystroke.


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