Nvidia’s Next Gaming Cards Could Be The GTX 11 Series

Nvidia launched GeForce 9 in 2008, it gets grand success and after that, they introduced the GeForce 100 series in 2009. The company’s naming system progressed by the hundreds since the 100 Series hit the streets, ending with the 900 Series in 2016. Then Nvidia jumped to the 10 Series in 2017 seemingly because it’s simply easier to read and type than the “GeForce GTX 1000 Series” even though the cards have four digits.

The Nvidia’s next gaming cards could be the GTX 11 Series, might not be the GeForce GTX 20 Series.

An unnamed scours claims, Nvidia will use the GTX 11 Series brand instead. If the source is correct, Nvidia doesn’t plan to label the new cards by tens, such as the current 1080 or 1070 models. Instead, Nvidia may go with the GTX 1181 or the GTX 1185. 

In 2018 Nvidia’s naming scheme could go either way and it works just fine in the overall big picture: GTX 11 Series or GTX 20 Series. The company typically relies on product names that end with zeroes and fives, which seen from Nvidia’s branding history. That’s why the new unannounced cards will likely end with a five as a logical differential from the current GTX 10 Series models. 

The next family will appear is unknown, but all bets are placed on the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) starting on Tuesday, March 27, in San Jose, California. The company may reveal the GTX 11 Series (or GTX 20 Series) during the keynote that is reportedly based on a new architecture dubbed as “Turing.” Rumor points to a possible July release along with cards dedicated to cryptocurrency mining. During the keynote, Nvidia could reveal new graphics cards slated for the enterprise and data centers based on a new architecture dubbed as “Ampere,”  this design is to replace the current “Volta” architecture used in the Telsa V100 and Titan V add-in cards. 

GTC 2018 is the ideal launch platform although it’s more fitting for Nvidia’s enterprise-targeting products whereas the E3 2018 show in June is a better launchpad for its gaming cards and with a possible availability in July, the E3 2018 show seems more likely to be the GTX 11 Series big reveal. 

Again, look  at the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070, Nvidia introduced those 2 cards at a special event in early May 2016 followed by a retail launch at the end of the month and since then the company has rolled out a large selection of GTX 10 Series cards, with GTX 1080 Ti serving as the latest and final GTX 10 Series product.

On March 27 at 9 a.m. PT Nvidia’s keynote started.



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