Oneplus 5T vs Samsung Galaxy A8+

One Plus 5T VS Samsung Galaxy A8+

Well under 33k One plus is shining star along with Honor V10. But recently Samsung launched A8+ with premium looks and build. So, for now, the main fight is changed and three of them are fighting for top position. A8+ is a midrange device from Samsung usually their flagship costs more than 50k and 5T is a flagship killer out there. Let’s look at the features then we will discuss the specs and which phone you should buy.

One Plus 5T VS Samsung Galaxy A8+ Features:-

One Plus 5T

Samsung A8+

·         Full View display.

·         FHD+ resolution.

·         Gorilla Glass 5 on top of the display.

·         Dual rear cameras 16+20 MP with 1.7F.

·         Portrait mode in rear camera.

·         4K video recording.

·         Face unlocks.

·         Fingerprint scanner.

·         16 MP front shooter.

·         EIS for both rear and front camera.

·         Android 7.1

·         Type C USB charger.

·         Dash Charging.

·         Alert Slider.

·         NFC.

·         Full view Display.

·         FHD+ resolution.

·         Glass back.

·         Dual front cameras 16+8 MP with 1.9F.

·         Portrait mode for the front camera.

·         NFC.

·         Face Unlock.

·         16 MP rear camera.

·         Fingerprint scanner.

·         Android 7.1

·         Type C USB charger.

·         Fast Charging.

·         IP68 water and dust proof.


So in this round, it looks like 5T defeated Galaxy A8+. Being a flagship killer it is obvious that 5T will come full of features. But almost same features of 5T is available under 30k (Honor V10 ). Now let’s jump to the specs.

One Plus 5T VS Samsung Galaxy A8+ Specs:-

One Plus 5T

Samsung galaxy A8+

·         Powered by Flagship chip Snap Dragon 835 SOC. Four Cores are clocked at 2.45 GHz, and other 4 cores are clocked at 1.9 GHz.

·         6/8 GB RAM.

·         64/128 GB of internal memory.

·         Dual rear cameras 16+23 MP with 1.7 Aperture.

·         16 MP shooter in front.

·         Runs on Android 7.1.1.


·         3300 mAh battery.

·         Powered by Exynos 7885 Soc. 2 Cores are clocked at 2.2 GHz and 6 cores are clocked at 1.6 GHz.

·         6 GB RAM.

·         64GB of onboard storage.

·         16 MP Camera with F1.7.

·         Dual Cameras in front 16+8 MP.

·         Runs on Android 7.1.1.

·         IP 68 waterproof.

·         3500 mAh battery.


Both of them good in terms of specs they are offering. But 5T is slightly ahead with 835 Soc.

Both of the smartphones has its own advantages. Now let’s talk about advantages.

·         One plus has better Soc inside.

·         Better rear camera.

·         Nice build quality.

·         2x lossless Zoom for rear cameras.

·         Portrait mode in rear camera.

·         8GB RAM variant available.


·         Better selfie shooter.

·         Premium builds with glass back.

·         Portrait mode for a selfie.

·         Dedicated Micro SD card slot.

·         IP68 for water and dust proof.


Overall both the handsets are excellent. Now it totally depends on you guys. If you need better rear camera then 5T shines and if you are more into selfies then go for A8+. Both of the phones will get Android Oreo update for sure.

Let’s see what is waiting for us in 2K18. Let’s touch the future.

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