OnePlus 6 Surprise, Note 9 Battery Leaks, Secret Galaxy S9 Revealed (Latest )

OnePlus 6 Surprise, Note 9 Battery Leaks, Secret Galaxy S9 Revealed (Latest )

In this week some latest Android Circuit is disclosed with many new latest things. From some leaked information we get an idea that, this week the OnePlus grabbing a dot-com bargain, the secret Galaxy S9 revealed and also we can get battery details for the Galaxy Note 9. Here details for those three latest Android variants,

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 Going For A Larger Battery : 

It is expected that this year Galaxy Note 9 is to make some technological advances. The Samsung has added large battery on its Galaxy S9, and this new feature will play a very important roll in Android market.

“Ice Universe, a Chinese leaker with a decent track record for accurate leaks, has revealed that the Note 9 could have either a 4000mAh or a 3850mAh battery. Both would be a huge improvement on the Note 8’s 3300mAh power pack, but obviously, the former number is the most eye-catching”, reports, Jay McGregor.

OnePlus 6 :

The  OnePlus scored another quiet win this week and it owns the OnePlus dot-com domain name. The new case images and the notch screen of OnePlus 6 are very interesting.OnePlus 6 Surprise, Note 9 Battery Leaks, Secret Galaxy S9

“For almost five years, folks visiting OnePlus’ official website have actually been going to a .net domain (the horror). That is no longer the case, as OnePlus finally acquired the domain name it probably should have had ages ago”, reported by Williams Pelegrin.

The Secret Galaxy S9 Revealed :

The Samsung’s new variant  Galaxy S9 sports a smaller 5.8-inch display with a dual-lens camera, a flat screen and the Exynos SoC,  a faster processor. The regular S9 has a single lens camera.

In China, the Samsung’s Galaxy S9 new variant might only be available.



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