8 Must Know Online Shopping Traps For Holiday Season

Shopping from online stores is an easiest way of shopping. It is not only staying as a necessity in our life, but it also becomes more than need. Peoples see some advantages on online shopping firstly, they do not require to go in the market for purchase products through some simple tap they can buy your essential goods, furthermore, online shopping stores almost every day comes with offers, discounts, etc, and lastly, looks like it is a smarter and time-saving way of shopping. It seems very helpful but the reality is they have plenty of online shopping traps, and also have a chance to shoppers do not find out them.

Here we have discussed some online shopping hazards and what you should do after knowing them. So just stay connected and know them from below.

List Of Online Shopping Traps


In some segments, if you want to shop something we think you may compare price tags and other specifications very fast and the result would turn positive for you. The main game is here, mostly at the last moment they show you their various hidden charges, and after adding the charges the price of a product becomes higher.PRICE COMPATIBILITY

  • WHAT TO DO: Some sites help you to gather the pricing information of products provided by their participating retailers. they show you the information on their results page based on the search question. The sites are Amazon, Shopzilla (CPC), PriceGrabber, Become (CPC), Nextag (CPC), eBay Commerce Network (CPC), and more sites.


Unbelievable suspicious deals by scammers came in the form of links (as online shopping traps) in the unsystematic email and these will let you to fraudulent sites it’s an online shopping trap, there the process of acquiring something is not actually real.SUSPICIOUS LINKS OR APPS

  • WHAT TO DO: To check the authenticity of the site you can discover the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates such as VeriSign on the site’s own page.


Watch review and ratings of buyers if you want good purchasing experience because review and ratings show you the product’s good and bad sides, and that is also a better way of safe buy for online shopping lovers.REVIEWS AND RATINGS

  • WHAT TO DO:  Trust on those feedbacks which were given by experienced users, means who have already deal with sellers about whom they gave the review.  Actually,  the ratings when comes to tens to thousands of users are most helpful to assume its reality.

You can also see reviews from multiple sources and other sites. Sites by itself can pay for positive reviews which may be fake, so be sensible of it, and the better way of clear doubt is searching the seller’s name with keywords like, ripoff, fraud, scam, etc.


In public places open unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots are easily available, most of those Wi-Fi sources do not offer encryption. That means anyone who is connected to the same hotspot can gather data that you transmit online, for example, your emails, other login details, etc. Hackers can easily record your sensitive personal information,  or credit card details if you make online payments through hotspots.SECURE CONNECTIONS FOR PAYMENTS

  • WHAT TO DO: Try to avoid general browsing on an open Wi-Fi connection. When you are in open Wi-Fi connections (where it does not require password) do not do online purchase and online banking, and if it is very urgent then check that web address must begin with’https‘ or ‘Http‘, there must a ‘lock‘ icon on your browser, and make sure the site of the payment is encrypted and secure.


Naturally, many times you see much lower listed price on shopping sites and that sometimes lower than mortar retail stores and the local brick. That is really an online shopping trap because usually, users do not get information about the handling costs and shipping costs when the listed price occurred in front of their eyes, which appears just before clicking the Purchase option. Then the problem is users had already chosen their products to buy and placed information about their credit card and other particulars.HIDDEN SHOPPING CHARGES

With shipping fee products are not much cheaper than store prices, but sometimes in some segments, it is cheaper we think you observed that. Some online shopping stores offer free shipping when you order a certain amount of products, or charge you separate shipping fee for each item, and some stores provide free delivery but it for their annual paid membership’s member.

  • WHAT TO DO: Be aware of shipping rates, all hidden costs, and special requirements before decide to buy products from online shopping stored. On the other hands, you can find promotion or coupon codes at sites like as Dealnews, FreeShiooing, and RetailMeNot, or you can type in the name of the retailers along with keywords such Codes, Coupon, Free shipping, thus you can get great discount and free shipping.


Online shopping is a very good option for shopping lovers, these are easily accessible, they have no time limit these stores are open for 24 *7 which is totally opposite of general stores and markets. Who generally shop from online shopping stores can know addictive it is and most importantly, some crazy words like last-minute deals, must-have, limited time offers are enough to push you to buy something which is really not important for you its also work as online shopping traps.SHOPPING ADDICTION

  • WHAT TO DO: There are many ways to avoid it and these are totally in your hand if you want you can overcome this.  A. Firstly it doesn’t think that it is a way which can improve your bad mood. B. Find out which is really important for you and shop only that. C. Make your budget for shopping and shop as per your budget. D. Try to understand the traps and avoid them.

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Unstable delivery times can be a normal incident if you shop within holiday or festive season. Which products have high demand and you also placed the order of this kind of products that may not come to you between their mentioned delivery time. Many times this dealy lasts for long times because when the product is in high demand, again restock the products is time also taking and you know that better if you purchase from smaller-scale online merchants, anytime previously.UNSTABLE DELIVERY TIME

  • WHAT TO DO: Choose your online shopping store very carefully to buy goods. Confirm that it supports the proper automatic notification system in place which will inform you information like their stock is running low or sold out, etc. The well-known sites like eBay and Amazon have this ability, these sites provide you the status of your shipment via text messages to your mobile or email. A few sites specify the duration in terms of business days, so when it says 15 working days this means 3 weeks, in reality.  You just need to clearly know these little matters before placing an order.


The riskiest part of online shopping is you order something and get another different thing and especially when they did not provide you refund or exchanging ability you can say it online shopping traps.DIFFERENT PRODUCTS

  • WHAT TO DO: Before start shopping must see the online store has a return policy or not, if yes then shop and don’t forget to read the total information about their return policy, because it is also important to know before placing an order that their return policy is acceptable or not.

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