Top Online Tools For Knowing Everything About A Website

To know every single detail of a website you can use some online tools. Here I have formulated 20 this kind’s online tools. If you searching for these kinds of tools, then hopefully, the below-mentioned tools will help you.

Let’s Take A Look This Online Website Tools


This online service is able to show the name of the hosted company of a website. For this, you just need to enter the URL of any website. If you want to switch web hosts or you required the contact information of the web hosting provider for writing a DMCA Notice, then this online service will be useful for you.


You can know some information like, about the hosting provider, the physical location of a website, the IP address change history of a website, and the DNS information, from the ‘’. It provides a comprehensive report of any I.P.Address or website.


If a copyright-related complaint comes against a website, then a copy of that letter is stored in the Chilling effects database. Who wants can query this public database to know about all the copyright infringement complaints against a specific website.



This tool is grown by Google. It provides online tools to help to determine how fast your website will load on mobile phones on 4G and 3G networks, and only that you can also compare your mobile speed score with other websites.


This site testing tool measure and rank your site’s loading time from different regions around the world.


You can use this tool that hosted on Google Cloud to confirm the website is down or not if a website is inaccessible.


If one buys a new domain or switch from one host to another then the DNS records for the domain changes and it might take a while to propagate these changes worldwide. This tool checks the DNS records form geographic locations and it can check your domain’s TXT, CNAME.

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Flush DNSgoogle public dns

This is used to flush the Google DNS cache for a domain, and Open DNS has a web tool for refreshing the DNS cache. Suppose, you changed the DNS servers for your domain by changing registrars or DNS hosting in the last few days, firstly flush your main domain name before you flush any subdomains.

just-ping.comjust pin website

The supports monitoring servers across the world including, Egypt, China, and Turkey. Users use this tool to determine in case a particular website is accessible from other countries.

who.isWhois Website

This universal lookup service, help you by informing the contact address, email, and phone number of a website owner, and it also can simultaneously query the whois database of all popular domain registrars.


If you want to determine other websites of someone, this will help you. Search the whois database by the email address or name of the domain registrant.


The ‘Domain Tools‘ capable of monitoring one or more web domains. It also sends emails as alerts in some situations, for example, the nameservers change, the registrant information is updated for the domain, the domain is expiring, and the domain gets renewed.

This is a storehouse of all performance-related metrics for a website, this stores a record of the size of pages, their average load time, and the number of failed requests/ missing resources. instalight

This tool will help you to know any website’s Page Speed score on both mobile and desktop.


Through this tool, you can check your website’s responsive design on multiple tablets, desktops, iOS, and Android Phones (running different versions of operating systems).

semrush.comsemrush dash

This helpful tool supports you to figure out what is the site’s traffic, analyze your competitor’s website. buitwith website tool

To know the technology stack of any website, you can use this tool. It finds out the mail service provider of a domain, the advertising partners, the tracking widgets which are installed on a website, and compatibility the site is using any CND  for example, Google Cloud, Amazon S3.

On the condition, email messages including those sent via Mail Merge, from your domain are not reaching the recipient’s mailbox, you can use this Google tool, ‘’ to ensure that DKIM, DMARC, and SPF records are properly configured for your domain.

It verifies your site’s SSL Certificate and makes sure it is correctly installed, does not show errors to any of your site visitors, and trusted.

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