Open Source Business Software

Open Source Business Software

For busyness need stable, cost-effective, flexible software. And the open source software offers the same, free of cost service and also works flexibility with stability. For this reason, an open source busyness software is always a better option for small busyness.

But the problem is that we are not aware of that software, the quality & variety they give us is simply outstanding. The open source project is not going through commercial marketing so it is most harder to find.

So here I give you a list of open source software with details that can be a replacement of your currently using popular costly small busyness application software. Open Source Business Software

List Of Open Source Business Software

Bacula A Open Source Backup Software

It is an open source software for backup & recovery. It can be used for large busyness also. Because Bacula offers network backup and data recovery also. The setup of the software is far easy and it supports most common operating system like as Windows, Linux, Mac.

Alfresco A Open Source Content Management Software

This open source management software supports Windows, Linux, Mac operating system. The Alfresco adds a social element to standard web content management and document management functionality. This open source software serves many hi-profile users like Cisco, Fox, Nasa Sony, Toyota and many more.

Simple Invoices A Open Source Invoicing Software

This open source web-based invoicing software create and send bills as PDF file format. It can create reports with the wide variety, It helps you to track your sales and payments reports. For hosting this web-based software you can host your own hosting or use other third-party hosting providers. Because of web-based is will run on any operating system.

Open Office (Open Source Office Software)

GnuCash A Open Source Accounting Software

If you are the user of Quicken then this you can easily replace your existing works from Quicken to GnuCash. It did not work as full-featured QuickBooks but it works similarly. And you get a personal financial manager with this software. GnuCash includes also modules for tracking customers, Invoices, vendors, accounts payable, account receivable and many more. The supported operating system of this software is Windows, Linux, Mac.

SugarCRM A Open Source Customer Relationship Management Software

This customer relationship management software can replace The SugarCRM have great flexibility and performance. In today this service used by more than 50,000 companies. The operating system supports are Windows, Linux, Mac.



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