How To Place An Order Via Whatsapp On Reliance JioMart

A service by which users can place orders online as per their requirements very easily through WhatsApp, the name of the service is JioMart. This is a very popular name now, Reliance Jio’s new add-on it is. The system runs well, the company’s grocery business now heard to extended across 200 cities and towns in India, that service might spread to the all leading metro cities such as Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and New Delhi, and the smaller town Dehradun, Bhatinda, and Mysore. Via WhatsApp users have to place an order, they can place orders for household needs, and groceries and the most important thing is the JioMart users will have to visit the shop to get their orders, in this segment it is totally different from other online stores like as Flipkart, Amazon, etc.JioMart

The Jio and Facebook-owned WhatsApp partnership undoubtedly gainful for their business. The Jio has a user-based of 385-million in India and WhatsApp has a user-based of 400-million in India. Really this partnership will beneficial for both partners. It is heard that Facebook invested over $5.7 billion in investment in Reliance Jio and bought 9.9% advantages in the firm.

Through WhatsApp How Can You Place An Order On Reliance JioMart?

The process is simple you use the following points to place an order on Reliance JioMart. Let’s know the way if you want to place an order on JioMart.JioMart

A. To place an order on JioMart the first thing you have to do is creating the JioMart contact in your smartphone, the number is +91  8850008000.

B. Then, you open WhatsApp > Search for the new contact > and drop the ‘Hi‘ message on the number.

C. There, you will get a message with the ordering link, you just tap the link.

D. Next, there a page will open up where you have to fill your name, full address, phone number, etc.

E. After that click on the Proceed button, and then select the items you required and tap the Place Order button.

F. When the order placed you will get a new message on WhatsApp with a PDF containing order details, and the shop’s address and the phone number will also be included in that message.

G. When you get the confirmation message that the order has been packed, pick it up and pay the cost to the shopkeeper.

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[IMPORTANT NOTE: The JioMart has a dedicated website ( if you interested in more information you can go to their website.]

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