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Well-known companies that are famous for their elegant flagship products have thought for a change for their customers. Apart from the regular product of individual companies, new creative, designer, innovative idea based products also made by famous companies/brands. That seems different but interesting, and sometimes helpful also.

Want to know the popular brands and their creative unusual product? They are here…

 Google Goooooo

Google Goooooo Image Source: Ilya KalimulinThe interesting ring game maker, Google! That Google Goooooo. Do you think it is funny? Google had made a game, ring game which you can play with your family sitting on your bed.  I must say it is fun for game lovers.

Adobe Skincare Master Collectionadobe skincare master collection

Skincare with Adobe! That can happen if you want because they had made skincare products. The Adobe Skincare Master Collection is a range of products for your skincare, though, I can not know these will help or not, until using the creative skincare product.

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Chanel Soapchanel-soap

A soap-product from the ‘Chanel’, known as ‘Chanel Soap’. That heard the soap works well as a soap but the size is so small.

IKEA Pianoikea-piano

Piano by ‘IKEA’. Really, ‘IKES Piano’ a unique product for music lovers definitely!

Crocs Umbrellacrocs-umbrella

The umbrella, totally different from normal common looks and designs, we naturally see and we use in our life, had made by the ‘Crocs’. Crocs Umbrella presents a totally unique, exotic design based umbrella with various color options.

Kaspersky Insect Killerkaspersky-insect-killer

To keep you away from virtual bugs, Kaspersky had made a way for you. Yes, Kaspersky! The pack also provides you a free refill too.

McDonald’s MacBookmcdonalds-macbook

McDonald and MacBook! What a combination. You can make your MacBook’s skins and decals different from others. If you want that, just using the McDonald’s design-based skin on your MacBook’s upper, lower, and side parts, and make that different and interesting. You can buy McDonald’s design-based skin easily from online stores, like, Amazon.

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