Use Your Phone As Webcam On Windows And macOS

Lots of laptops can not provide webcam support to their users, and webcam is an important thing these days, so, many users facing troubles for this reason. For video chat with friends and family, attending an online meeting for job and business propose, webcam works beneficially, especially nowadays in these Covid-19 situations, peoples need to do their work maintaining the social distancing, and for this video conferencing seems essentials. If one has a smartphone and the person does not want to buy a new webcam, then with simple tricks the phone can be useable as a webcam on Windows, the person doesn’t require any laptop that supports webcam.

Finally, below is the full path of using an Android or iOS phones as webcams, take a look at the processes carefully, and make the smartphone as a webcam easily.


The process and essential requirement of using the phone as Webcam on Linux or Windows PC are stated, see carefully if you really want to do this.


The most important requirement to start and continuing the process is, your smartphone and Windows PC will need to use the same WiFi connection, or as another option, you can also connect your phone with the Windows PC, using a USB cable.Use Your Phone As Webcam

The above requirement is very important, if that fulfilled by you then you must do the following steps, serially, to make your Phone as Webcam on Windows /Linux PC:

  1.  Firstly, you have to download the Droidcam Wireless Webcam application on your smartphone. [ IMPORTANT NOTE: It requires Android 5.0 or newer version.]
  2. Next, you download and install the Droidcam client for your Windows PC. [ IMPORTANT NOTE: The client is available for Linux, also, but not available for Mac OS.]
  3. Thereafter, just launch the Droidcam client on your PC, then you will watch, it will ask you for a Device IP. You just launch the Droidcam app on your smartphone. [IMPORTANT NOTE: By default, the client is set on the WiFi settings, but if you want you can also choose to connect trough USB.]
  4. Then, you skip everything to get the page where you see your Device IP, after launching the app.
  5. Next, you type that same Device IP on the desktop client. [IMPORTANT NOTE: Click on the three-dot icon to choose between the front and back camera, then there in the Droidcam application, click on ‘Settings‘ > ‘Camera‘. If you choose the rear (back) camera that will give you a better video quality than the front camera.]
  6. Lastly, check both video and audio options on the desktop client. It is important. Your mic would not pick up any sound if you keep the audio option unchecked.
  7.  Finally, tap on the ‘Start‘ button and then see your Android phone as a webcam, successfully.

Then you just launch the video conferencing app and select the Droidcam as your camera.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the iPhones, the DroidCam app also works totally the same as the Android version of DroidCam, though the DroidCam desktop client is available only for Linux and Windows.

  • USE YOUR PHONE AS WEBCAM ON MacOS: The making process of MacOS as a webcam also closely similar to the above process, but here, the EpocCam, a wireless webcam app you will require for this purpose. The EpocCam has a desktop client for Windows and macOS, and it is also usable for Android and iOS smartphones, as well.

[IMPORTANT NOTE: For using a cell phone as a webcam one thing would need to assure that with the same wifi, the macOS system and smartphone are connected.]

When you are connected with the same wifi, you just launch the EpocCam app on your smartphone and next on the desktop client.

Then, see are you getting the video feed from the app to the desktop client, if yes, then go next, select EpocCam as your camera in your preferred video conferencing app, that’s all.

Must know, the EpocCam is not totally free, it’s free version has many boundaries. For example, the video resolution can’t be more than 640×480, secondly, you can not use your iPhone’s microphone in the free version, that’s why your earphone should need a good quality mic for using the free version.

The EpocCam has a Pro version, where features are not limited as a free version. For Android, the EpocCam Pro version costs $5.49, and for iPhone, the EpocCam Pro version costs $7.99.


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