Linux-based PinePhone Coming Soon With Nokia N900-Style Keyboard

The Computer Manufacturer, Pine64 has arrived at a new smartphone brand, naming PinePhone. This phone runs mainly, Linux based mobile operating systems. Though only one Braveheart limited has launched by Pine64 still yet, with Ubuntu Touch and postmarketOS, the two community editions. On 15 Novembar 2019, the Pine64 started taking orders for the BraveHeart  gamma version of the PinePhone from peoples, and this year in January, the Pine64 has provided the BraveHeart PinePhones to their first buyers.

The PinePhone latest with postmarketOS would make you capable for turn this into a desktop computer because from some sources it is heard, very soon the Linux-based PinePhone will come with Nokia N900-style keyboard.  Through USB Type-C dock, you would able to connect the keyboard or mouse in it.

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Previously, last year in December, the Pine64 stated the Psion Series 5-inspired keyboard for the PinePhoine, which will offer this a mini laptop like look. But on their statement that had not said any particular date of that’s (Psion-type keyboard) arrival.

The latest information says, the Pine64 is now also working on making a gamepad for the PinePhone, and its development is in the first stage. Now, PinePhone lovers have only one way to get this, waiting!

According to the new information, the Pine64 is now working for bringing a Nokia N900-style slide-out-design keyboard for their PinePhone, that’s why Pine64 speaks with some hardware vendors.

Not only hardware vendors you can also work for Pine64 if you are a hardware novice, then you can share your creativity with, and then if you selected by the Pine64 in their list of rewards for the selected project, simply, you would get a reward, as per the information.pinephone B Hopen

To start creating a keyboard for PinePhone you have to download an STP of a layout, and must keep in mind you also have to follow some general guidelines, which are declared in the below points.

  1. Fit the PinePhone’s from factor.
  2. Need for similar mechanically and functionally to the Nokia N900 keyboard.
  3. Require to interface with the PinePhone’s rear pogo pin expansion connector.
  4. Replace the current back cover and snap onto the phone.

To solve any queries you contact with their (Pine64) Forum Thread, directly.


There is no doubt, the new add-ons of PinePhone will take time to come for the public, all the developments are on the way. If you want a slide-out keyboard you can go for attaching an unofficial slider keyboard, the PinePhone’s rear pogo pin expansion connector.

Also, you can use the 6 pogo pins on the back of the PinePhnoe for an expansion port, that can connect other circumferentially.


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