Popular Google Chrome Extensions Part 1

Popular Google Chrome Extensions

As you all know that google chrome is the most popular web browser worldwide. With an easy and clean interface and swift performance, it has already taken a million hearts away. Do you know there are a lot of extensions too that google chrome offers??? In this blog, I’m going to tell you about these  most popular google chrome extensions.

Remember!!! Using these extensions can slow your browser down, so it is up to you which extension you want to use. So choose wisely and as per your need.

Here Are Top 10 Most Popular Google Chrome Extensions

1) Grammarly Chrome Extension:

It is an auto check and cloudbased proofreading feature. Many experts have already praised Grammarly.

In its chrome extension, you can check your emails and tweets before you post them and also you can correct spellings of your emails and tweets.

2) Crx Mouse Gestures:

It is a web navigation system with mouse shortcuts for opening and closing new tabs.

It also helps you to navigate backward and forwards in your tab history and also helps in copying links and texts.

3) Print Friendly and PDF:

It is a chrome extension to remove ads automatically and also to clean navigation buttons and other web junk whenever you print a web page or article.

By these users can also selectively remove images, reduce or increase text size and can convert pages into PDF.

4) Inbox by Gmail:

This is a google team designed modification now available as a chrome extension.

It saves pages and content which you can share in a single click. It actually saves all links directly in your mailbox.

5) Giphy for Chrome:

This is a useful extension that contains useful animated GIFs.

It is GIF search engine. You can add the searched GIFs in your social media posts and light up the mood.

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6) Wikiwand:

It is nothing but an interesting interface available as chrome extension that actually transforms Wikipedia‘s services or pages into a visual punch.

It features clear and readable text columns with a side menu offering a table of contents, images, and media gallery.

7) Mail tag:

It is also an interesting extension that offers a series of free, helpful modification to the existing Gmail experiences.

It tracks an email to find when the recipient actually opened the mail. It also features email scheduling so that you can send your messages at the appropriate hours.

8) Check my Links:

It is a very important tool for generous content makers.

By the help of this tool when you edit a content this tool scans your text and reveals all broken links. It detects working links in green and broken links in red.

9) Just not Sorry:

It is a Gmail plugin that is actually very funny.

It actually underlines all words in a text like Sorry‘, I think‘, Apology etc that may portray you less powerful. As a result, your written voice will be much stronger.

10) Rite tag:

This extension shows you hashtags that will work best on Twitter.

This extension uses 4 color indicators to help you pick the right hashtags. These are

  • Green-  Indicates post seen now‘.
  • Blue-  Indicates post seen overtime‘.
  • Red-   Indicates ‘Low engagement‘.
  • Gray-  Indicates few people following this‘.


These are all for this post. Do visit this blog later as very soon I am going to publish part 2 of google chrome extensions.

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