Problem With Facebook Game Notification??

Facebook Game Notification

Facebook has two types of users, one who use Facebook for playing games & some time use as social media. Another types of users who use Facebook for only as social media they don’t want to play games there. But They get Invitation for various Facebook games, from there friends.

Facebook Game Notification

Facebook Game Notification

Why Come Invitation of Facebook Game Notification?

The thing is that almost all Facebook Game has an option to send there game’s Invitation to friends. “Invite All” or “Send to All” you may select your friend but for laziness instead to select friends we select to send to all friends.

The good news is you can stop getting a notification & also stop receiving their updates.

How To Stop Getting Facebook Game Notification


Click the notification icon from your desktop you can see all your notification, now locate the game notification.

Now you will see a three-dot appear near the right side of the bar. This dots gives you mark as a read-option, click on the  Hide This notification it will turn off the notification. down below there is another option Turn Off Notification From This App this option will turn off all notification from the selected app.Facebook Game Notification

How To Stop Seeing Facebook Game Notification Updates

You will see a game-related post on your Facebook feed, on the right side of the feed you find an arrow button click on the button, that bring a dropdown menu.

That gives you several options you can choose any one from them, Option giving below:

  1.  I don’t want to see this will help you block that single post.
  2. Unfollow [friend] will ensure you no longer see posts from said person, including non-game-related ones.
  3. Hide all from [game] will block updates from any friend related to that game.

How to block  Facebook Game/App Invites

Go to the Facebook Main page, go to Settings you will find on the right side of the top menu bar.

Go to Blocking tab Left side of the Settings menu, it will show you Manage Blocking option.

Go to Block app invites type your friend’s name there. After that you will no longer receive app invites from those friends.

Down below there is a filed call Block Apps here you can block Games/Apps type here the name of the Game/App after that you will no longer receive any notification from the Game/App.



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