How To Promote Your YouTube Channel Free Of Cost

How to Promote YouTube Channel Free Of Cost

You have YouTube channel and you are producing awesome video content & your Channel running good, But if you don’t put extra effort to promote your channel you can’t gain new subscriber easily or take more time to gain.

Here Some Tips To Promote YouTube Channel Free

How a person Subscribe your Channel

Mostly your video find on YouTube/YouTube Search or via external link or link on social media share, So they watch it & then if your video found interesting enough to subscribe they do.

And from them, Three Out of the Ten will be Subscribe.

You can increase the number, by adding some good habit and modifying some of the things of you Channel and all you get @ 0 costPromote YouTube Channel Free

Follow The Down Below Steps To Promote YouTube Channel Free Of Cost

Titles & Descriptions

Make your video title unique & creative, use exact terms that you want to show in your video. YouTube & Google Search engine work similarly so add your video description by specifying the keyword that describes your video.Promote YouTube Channel Free

You can use google trends, it can give you a good idea to chose you titles & description.

One thinks to keep in mind the first line of description is way more effective.

Custom Thumbnail Promote YouTube Channel Free

Many new YouTubers think that Thumbnail isn’t important to make the video popular because they are no link between in search engine & Video thumbnail. But like description thumbnails make an impact on video click-through rate. If your thumbnail unique peoples are forced to watch, it means you will get more views. So make your custom Thumbnail unique.

Video PlaylistPromote YouTube Channel Free

If your videos are saved under playlist, then it makes your channel organized and helps to easily navigate to other people. Peoples are spending more time on your channel to explore, that means you may get more views.

The playlist is added an extra piece of information to YouTube algorithm, it will help YouTube to understand what type of video your channel have. Its increase a bit of chance to get search by the search engine.

Start Video 

First 8 to 10 sec impression of your video can make a huge difference in watch time. Most of the visitors stop watching after 8 – 10 sec if they not found interesting in your video.Promote YouTube Channel Free

You can analyze your viewer’s attention, go to Creator StudioAnalyticsAudience Retention. It will show the percentage & time of audience left watching as the video continues. It can help you to make better optimize.

Call-To-ActionPromote YouTube Channel Free

You have to call every time for Thumbs Up & Subscribe, because there is always a chance to forget thumbs up & down or subscribe to your channel, even viewer enjoy your video, so remind them to do the action.

End ScreenPromote YouTube Channel Free

You can add end screen & card it will show at the end of the video, it will surely engage more views to your channel. Use 1 or 2 videos on end screen not more than 2 and add subscribe.

To use end screen Go to Creator Studio > Video Manager > Edit > End Screen and Annotations.

To view stat Creator Studio > Analytics > Interaction Report > End Screen.

Reply Max CommentPromote YouTube Channel Free

Try to read and reply more comments, Reading more comments will help you to understand what viewers want, and what you have to improve.

Replying comments actually take time and dedication, but comments are along with likes and subscription & its signals to YouTube Search that your video deserves attention, It will help you to get more views.

Use Social MediaPromote YouTube Channel Free

Share your video on social media, its always a good option to place your video on multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media. You never know your next subscriber can be found your video there.

YouTube has an advance Analytic tool, You can view your social media promotion working or not Go to Creator Studio > Analytics > Traffic Sources > External. Here you see the exact amount of traffic coming from which website.

CollaboratePromote YouTube Channel Free

Sometimes its hard to do, but collaboration with other YouTubers will expose new audience that can make some chance to get a new subscriber. Search those YouTubers who have similar kind of channel, they can provide additional value for your viewers.

ActivePromote YouTube Channel Free

Try to Stay active maximum time, regular activity will help you to get more views and subscriber lot more faster.

Do follow this steps and you can fell the difference if you have more suggestion let us know in the comments section.


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